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2008-02-10, 09:24 PM
These spring up every now and again, and are always fun to read. I don't see any in the first two pages, and don't remember seeing one for a while, so I'm putting up a new one.

This is a very high power game, so almost everybody has several crazy powers.

So, our party has been tracking this assassin who works in the guise of a beggar. He has (we believe) been hired to kill one of our party members who is on a government council. We eventually, near the end of the adventure, confront the guy, and he attacks us, and we fight.

The game is 1st edition, so assassin's have a chance on hit based on conditions to instantly assassinate someone.

He starts, and stabs one character for not seriously horrible damage, and doesn't make his assassination attempt, and the fight really begins. He is wearing a shambling mound hide as beggars rags, and when someone shoots lightning at him, it fails utterly, as it tends to do against shambling mounds. Other spells fizzle due to magic resistance. Several people attack him, and all fumble. We learn that he has protection of only attacks that roll double damage, ie, 20, can hit, and any attack that misses will fumble. The last person in our group before his turn makes a Wish spell that "all attacks in the next round will hit this beggar assassin." The assassin whips a knife at her, when somebody points out that the phrasing of the wish 'all attacks' means that his attacks will hit him as well. The DM, having not noticed this, rules that this means the assassin probably wouldn't have noticed either.

The knife curves back around, and hits the beggar in the stomach, automatic double damage because otherwise it would miss.

Then he succeeds on his assassination attempt, and dies.

It was awesome.

2008-02-10, 09:42 PM
Wow, so the players actually managed to twist a Wish around against the DM, for a change? Good work!

2008-02-10, 11:10 PM
well, here's one:
I, a level three goblin rogue, and my friend, a level 3 halfling warblade, both NE, were on an assassination run. we manage to kill our mark, and we head downstairs in his house and into the trap door down there (he was a mob boss or something). We walk down the steps to find a hallway. I throw a rubber ball down the hall, and after the subsequent 6 poison dart traps go off, i throw another to reveal that they reset themselves. my friend walks down the hallway anyways. POISONED. he continues. POISONED AGAIN. at the end of it, he ends up at 1 Con. i manage to drag him out of the house and into the streets, where he lies there, dying. i shout out, "HELP! THIS MAN HAS SUCCUMBED TO ALCOHOL POISONING!", and the guards tote him away to the clerics, where he is totally cured. i have to say, it was one of the most useful bluff checks i had ever made.

2008-02-10, 11:20 PM
when my monk single handidly killed an enemy caster saving the whole party.

We were captured by beastmen (custom dm monsters) and forced to gladiator fight. after facing several rounds including a hydra, lions, minotaurs, and enemy soldiers a warmage popped up and blasted us with a lightning bolt which would have killed me if i hadn't passed my evasion save. i charged him and successfully grappled him. the rest of the party mobbed him. he made his check and cast a firestorm spell, killing a party member (ironically the one-shotter) and bringing the rest on death's door. using earth's embrace (extra d12 damage on a pin) i pinned him, cutting off his vocals and his ability to use spell componets, i then proceeded to crush his body into the ground saving the whole party. of course when i told this story to the board they said so what, he was a warmage, they suck, kinda took some of the fun out of it.

2008-02-11, 03:36 AM
When my level 7 human rogue got dropped into the den of a CR7 110hp juvenile black dragon. Naturally I started running around the cave screaming like a little girl while drinking cats grace/blur potions, and occasionally firing my fire or lightning bolt over my shoulder.

Eventually the opportunity came to blast it, I did a feint "Look, and here comes my reinforcements", and then sneak attacked it with the lightning bolt wand... Leaving the 110 hp dragon on -64. My party opened the grating just in time to find me standing on the corpse of the dragon...

"Oi! What took you guys so long!"

2008-02-11, 08:14 AM
Not my character, just saying.

The character: High-level Dwarf fighter (powergaming is discouraged, so we all just use the easiest stuff) who lives for battle.

The target: Very big black dragon.

The dwarf and the rest of the party are flying above the black dragon on the back of a gold dragon that has allied with them. He sees the black dragon a mile below, and jumps off the gold dragon. Yes, jumps off the mile high dragon. The dragon below sees him, and opens his mouth, hoping to catch him as he falls, succeeds. The dwarf, sticks out his ax, and opens up this things throat from mouth to chest. Massive damage. In the things stomach, he, ignoring acid and crushing damage, tries to work his way towards the things heart. A few rounds later, the party, now only half a mile above, see the dragon fall to the ground, and the dwarf opens its jaws and gives a battle cry. Then falls to the ground with -1 hitpoints from acid. Absolutely epic.

2008-02-11, 09:27 AM
The Party:

Kender Rogue 3 (me)
Elf Ranger 3
Elf Wizard 3
Human Druid 2

We had to get into an old, once abandoned Keep that had been taken over by goblins and hobgoblins. The Keep is on top of a cliff. There is one road that leads to the Keep. Goblins and hobgoblins line the battlements with (as reported by the Ranger) 2 on top of each tower, watching the road.

The party figures the easiest thing to do is climb the cliff and come in through one of the (partially ruined) side walls. (I had a rope and grappling hook, so the climb wouldn't be too hard.) However, there was about 20' of open area between the edge of the cliff and the Keep wall and the red moon was up, meaning the monster on the wall would probably see us.

Then the Wizard got an idea. He had Baleful Transposition prepared. So I climbed to just below the top of the cliff and willingly failed my save against the spell. The monster unwillingly failed its save. So now I'm on top of the battlements and the monster is falling down the cliff...

I crept up the tower to find not 2, but 4 monsters (2 hobgoblins, 2 goblins) up there, all with their backs to me. I SA-ed one hobgoblin to death, but it didn't die quietly enough and the other 3 attacked.

I managed to kill the other hobgoblin and one goblin. The other goblin ran to a trap door and yelled down before I killed it too. Then 2 more goblins came up from the trap - and I killed them too. (If you are keeping score, that's 2 hobgoblins and 4 goblins.)

At that point, I signaled to the rest that all was clear and they climbed up and came through the ruined wall.

Dr Bwaa
2008-02-11, 10:40 AM
"Oi! What took you guys so long!"

Reminds me of when our party rogue got separated from the rest of the party somehow and wound up fighting six dread wraiths or the like in a cave by himself. He ran around fleeing for a little while until he "corralled" them (sort of) and then let fly with a scroll of circle of protection vs evil, trapping them all inside. Then he just stood at the edge of the circle shooting them for 1d6 damage/round or so until they all eventually died (with every other shot missing due to incorporealness, of course)

2008-02-11, 10:57 AM
In our short campaign, my group had one truly great moment: when we were standing at the end of a corridor, with Barbazu coming from the other side, the rogue were trying to lockpick the door while ranger was bashing it with his sword and wizard(me) was shouting, trying to convince the devil that we don't have to fight. For some reason, we were laughing our heads off for a long while.

2008-02-11, 11:24 AM
I was playing Warhammer Quest- the 1st-level party were fighting a Minotaur (fairly nasty...), and failing to do much damage to it. My Orc Warrior didn't do too much either so he set his pet Snotling (about half the size of a Goblin, and Goblins are rubbish!) on it.

I don't really need to finish, do I?

2008-02-11, 11:44 AM
I have to say, my #1 greatest moment was when I roleplayed this one character (Lockhart, an orc barbarian/wilderness.rogue) with such a dynamic personality that he not only won the heart of a party member, but also regularly makes the PLAYER feel funny in her pants.

Yeah, one of the girls in my gaming group totally has the hots for my character. :smallcool:

2008-02-11, 12:05 PM
watching our resident crazy halfling bard at level 4 placate a CR8 dire bear by holding up (ooc) a singing teddy bear performing "singing in the rain" in a helium powered voice.the DM was in stiches and gave the party full exp

2008-02-11, 12:28 PM
The game: d20 modern
The setting: Post-apocalyptic. After the decline of civilization, the US is returned to its former owners, making it the colonies of Britain, Spain, and France, once more. Society has declined into a feudal era-like state. Tech from before the decline is considered magic and scary. Gun Mages work for the government. There are some forms of mechanical limbs available (ala Fullmetal Alchemist). England is currently at war with Germany.
The story thus far: The heir to the throne of England has been kidnapped. This instance is confidential but we had been brought in to help. In a previous game, someone lost their arm while fighting a heavily armored knight.

I was a fast hero with a history of thievery. I had sneaked into England to hide from a mob boss in the colonies that I had stolen a family heirloom from. I was taken by the English government and put to work to possibly gain protection from said mob boss.

The job, to sneak into Germany and acquire a mechanical arm for someone. Teamed with a small group, we were to meet a contact at the German border. Sadly, we had triggered an alarm at the French/German border. As we made it to our contact (who had a cart ready for us), we tried to make a get away. They had motorcycles.

I attempted to hide under a blanket as shotting occurred. My character wasn't very brave. Toward the end, one of the motorcycles gets ahead of the cart and scares our horse. The driver loses control and the wagon and I flip off into the woods. I break several limbs and are pretty close to 0 HP. I manage to pull myself up onto a tree as the motorcyclist is about to murder my group. I take careful aim with my crossbow and...NATURAL 20! I shoot him between the eyes, saving the day.

2008-02-12, 01:48 AM
I'm the DM on this one, but it's still pretty awesome. Not as great as other post, but still pretty cool in my opinion.

Just at the start of the adventure on star wars d20 game. I have this running gag of starting every adventure in a tavern, so the party started in a cantina on Nal Hutta.

The party consisted of a kaleesh jedi guardian , a Jedi Diplomat of race which I forgot, a Human pilot, and a cowardly small kel dorian scoundrel. They're started at level 3.

So, an astromech droid came into the cantina, followed by a trandoshan (that is, star wars lizard man) that claimed that it was his droid. The jedi diplomat spotted blaster mark and republic insigina on the droid, so she use the old obi wan trick. It actually succeed. But I need them fight as a plot hook, so then he come back with an army about half dozen recon droid.

Lightsaber drawn, blaster blazing, and the cowardly scoundrel cower behind the bar. Without looking, he use his heavy blaster. killed the trandoshan bounty hunter a few level above him in one shot by some incredibly lucky roll and a feat on his first round. I actually can fudge the dice roll or whatever, but I thought, that was really cool, so I let that happened. It's just as lucky as Luke's shot on the first death star.

The jedis are convinced that he's not an ordinary scoundrel. "The force is strong with him" and all that.