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2008-02-15, 12:55 PM
For those that haven't bought MM5, a Taunting Haunt is, essentially, the ghost of a comedian who seems to exist purely to get on the living's nerves. Naturally, traveling with one is a good way to test somebody's sanity, but they also know a lot about the environment; After all, how can you make deadpan comments with nothing to comment on? So here's the cinch:

Players suffently annoy a necromancer enough to the point where he makes a long-winded curse against them. This curse, as you may have suspected by reading this thread, takes the form of the ghost of Char'li Chaplen (*laugh track*), who proceeds to make the PCs utterly despise the necromancer eho summoned him. The haunt himself is not, however, an evil being (though certainly a domineering one), and he wants to be able to rest in peace. The PCs then have to go through a nice story arc with his help (OK, more like his cream pies, but in the face of the bad guys as well), and find out what killed him and set it straight (other then the invention of sound in movies, but he can die with that). So...

Is this a good idea? What sort of pranks should my haunt play on the PCs? What should be keeping him here? How damaged should the fourth wall be by the time I'm done with him?

Please do not post.

Wait a minute...oh. Stupid haunt. Could you hold on a second?

*Sound of proton pack firing*

There. Now, disregard what I intially said and please post.

2008-02-15, 01:31 PM
Sounds like a terrific idea! Pranks to play on the PC depends on how thoroughly the ghost can manifest himself in the material plane. Is he invisible? Can he be? Can he manipulate matter? I'm thinking mainly vaudeville and cartoony physical comedy. Tying shoelaces together, putting banana peels under feet.

Maybe the ghost has been doubly cursed - to haunt things in silence. He was a stand-up comedian, and was changed into the haunt before giving his final punch line. But he's cursed into silent haunting, until he can bring laughter from a statue. Fortunately for our heroes, there's just such a statue nearby. Princess Esmerelda McPlotpoint, who was kidnapped by Desmond the Surly, local sorcerer, and turned into stone. When she's freed, he makes her laugh, and gets his voice back. He delivers the punchline, and gets restored back to life.