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2008-02-20, 12:16 PM
this is my first post on this part of the boards, just thought i'd post up my fix for primary casting classes (druid, wizard, sorcerer and cleric) not saying it'll fix your game or anything though :smalltongue:

Spellcaster Class

In this world all spellcasters work in mechanically the same way, they may describe themselves as wizards, druids, priests, sorcerers, warlocks, mages or whatever, they operate in the same way in terms of hit points, spells per day etc. You should reflect your 'named class' by the choice of your skills and roleplay appropriately. The gods remain the same, so if you are a cleric of Pelor you will be Good and probably have access to a domain associated to Pelor. A necromancer will likely have lots of undead related spells and maybe even the death domain, etc.
Most spellcasters have a position of authority or nobility and hence they get taught some very interactive skills.

Spellcaster Class
Game Rule Information

Abilities: charisma determines how hard your spells are to resist. Wisdom determines how many bonus spells you have available both to cast on a daily basis and to add to your known spells list. Intelligence determines how powerful your spells can be. Dexterity and Constitution are useful to enable you to avoid blows and stay alive, strength tends to be most useful for those more martial casters.

Alignment: any, your alignment can determine some of the spells that you may cast, you may only cast good/evil/lawful/chaotic spells if you have alignment that suits.

Hit Die: D6 most spellcasters lead a life of fairly low physical work, their spells enable them to avoid the more arduous work.

Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge(all chosen individually), Perform, Profession, Ride, Sense Motive, Speak Language, Spellcraft.

Skill points: 4 per level plus Int bonus (x4 at level 1)

Class Features:
Weapons/Armour: May use all simple weapons and any one martial weapon of your choice as appropriate per background. May use light armour only, spell failure is potentially a problem.

Spells: use spells known table for a sorcerer and spells per day also. you can choose your spells from arcane/divine spell lists as you wish, all spells have a chance of failing if you are wearing armour.

Bonus feats: you get a bonus feat at first level and at every 4th level(4, 8, 12, 16, 20). These feats may be spent on any metamagic feat, item creation feat, skill bonus feat or domain/heritage(see below) feat as you wish.

Domain/heritage feat: These feats may only be chosen by a spellcaster. Domain feats show that you are exceptionally skilled at casting spells of that type, when you choose the domain you can add the spells listed to your known spells list and add the power the domain gives too. the domain should be reflected in the way you roleplay your character, alignment domains require you be of the appropriate alignment. Heritage feats may be chosen and operate in the same way as domain feats.
Note that you do not gain an additional use of spell for having a Domain, merely extra spells known.

Domain abilities: most powers remain the same as stated in players handbook, here are listed only those that are not the same.
Chaos Domain: gain +1 to hit against Lawful creatures.
Evil Domain: gain +1 to hit against Good creatures.
Good Domain: gain +1 to hit against Evil creatures.
Healing Domain: add the Heal skill to your skill list and you cure +1 hps with any healing spell you cast, if the spell cures a variable number.
Knowledge Domain: you gain 1 extra skill point every level from now on, this is not retro-active.
Law Domain: gain +1 to hit against Chaotic creatures.
Magic Domain: add use magic device to your skill list.
Sun Domain: gain the ability to turn undead once a day plus your cha modifier (if any).

(hope this makes sense i copied from my word copy on my desktop. will add my technomancer prestige class and maybe even my runesmith prestige class too.)

Fiery Diamond
2008-02-20, 01:08 PM
Personally, I don't like this fix. The main reason is that it makes all spellcasters essentially the same. I like the differences as they are. It leaves some questions unanswered, such as the mechanical replacements for class abilities (domain and spell lists you took care of, but you need to explain more about turning; you also neglected familiars, wildshape, and so on). It did seem to be well thought out, though, especially with MAD, average (of casters) hit die, extra skill points as compared to Sor/Wiz/Clr.

-Fiery Diamond

2008-02-21, 04:51 AM
no wild shape.
turn undead works same way, can be obtained as a feat in its own right, dependant on character background. priest of pelor is likely to have it, priest of farlaghn less so.
familiar is available as a feat.

all of this is aimed at creating a thematic character, no reason for certain priests to have turn undead, no reason all sorcerers would have a familiar. you can now play a low charsma caster and still be ok (relying on buffs and self affecting spells) or a high charisma high int, low wisdom cause your spells will be powerful and hard to resist but you'll know less of them and cast less of them.
also all partial casters are left alone (ranger and co) although they all cast spontaneously off one stat (paladins use charisma for spells)

Tempest Fennac
2008-02-21, 05:03 AM
If I'm honest, I can never see any real fluff reasons for using more then 1 stat for spellcasting (I tend to think that, if 1 stat allows someone to use magic, there's no reason why it shouldn't also affect the spells' power (aka Save DC) or your bonus spells). Also, I tend to think that having different classes is better for both fluff and crunch reasons, especially since different classes also get different abilities. I'm just thinking about how many spellcaster fixes people suggest: is it the classes thmselves which are overpowered, or is it just that DMs typically seem to be unable to exploit the spellcasters weaknesses? (I know Druids and Clerics don't have any real weaknesses apart from poor Reflex saves, and low initial AC for Druids, but Wizards and Sorcerers have glaring weaknesses which shouldn't e that hard to exploit).

2008-02-21, 09:28 AM
I think this could be a good fix, if you left all the spellcasting classes separate in terms of spellcasting fluff and abilities: spontaneous vs non-spontaneous, armor proficiencies, wild shaping, etc.

With this variant, all casters have MAD, which might not be a bad thing. All caster's would still have access to self-buff magic, potentially raising whatever stat they need raised for a moment.

I can see the multiple abilities affecting spells: since CHA reflects knowledge of self, WIS is knowledge of others around self, and INT is just how smart you are.

Tempest Fennac
2008-02-21, 09:49 AM
That's one way of looking at it. I still think it sounds overly complicated considering how there are probably much easier ways for DMs to stop magic users from becoming overpowered (also, storing tons on mental stat increasing spells would stop the spellcasters from storing as many spells which could benefit other characters). If the 4 core full spellcasters are really too overpowered, wouldn't banning them and using Favoured Souls, Dread Necromancers, Beguillers, Warmages, Psionic classes and Shugenjas instead be a better idea?