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2008-02-20, 02:16 PM
Well... It is a misnomer that magic is not allowed in this world. Rather, there is the normal amount of magic in the world, it is just unnavailable to people in the civilization (for reasons that I will not explain because my PCs might read this).

Anyhow, here are a few alchemical items that I thought might help take the place of magic, please let me know what you think, especially about the relationship between their effectiveness and their cost.


This alchemical device is shaped spherically. The sphere is sectioned into two pieces, and in each piece is a chemical and lots of bits of sharp metal. When the release is removed and the two spheres are turned, the chemicals mix and will explode in three seconds. Thus, what we have here is a centered explosion with a radius of 20'. the range increment on this will be 30', and damage will be half fire, half slashing. (a reflex save cuts the damage in half). Expert alchemists with better chemicals can make better grenades, below are list of their damages, Save DCs and costs.

Damage Ref Cost

3d6 DC 13 250
5d6 DC 15 500
7d6 DC 17 1000
9d6 DC 19 2000
11d6 DC 21 4000

Sleeping Gas

This is a vial full of noxious chemicals that when released into the air create a fumes that will put creatures to sleep. It effects a 10' Diamater and requires a fort save to stay awake. Characters that fall asleep inside of the Gas Cannot be woken until the gas has dispersed. It takes 2d4 rnds for the gas to disperse. Characters that make their saves and stay awake, must make them again, if they have not moved by the next round.

Fort Cost

DC 10 500
DC 12 1000
DC 14 2000
DC 16 4000
DC 18 8000

Armor Grease

This thick grease is taken from the intestines of Giant Octopi, and mixed with adamantine dust. When applied to armor it gives a deflection bonus, as weapons slide off of a greased suit much more easily. Characters also receive a bonus to escape from grapple. These bonuses and the cost of the increasing quality of Armor Grease are listed Below. The grease dissolves off of the armor 1 hr after application.

Bonus Cost

+1 250
+2 500
+3 1000
+4 2000
+5 4000

I have a few more items in mind, and will post them soon. I am also open to any other ideas (I currently have a potion that makes people rage, an acid flask, and containers of Infernal Bees [which will slow creatures]).

Characters, especially at higher levels, will have a lot of money, as it will not be spent on magical items (though I am making special materials that give a
+1 to +5 bonus).

Also, any tips or thoughts regarding a low magic PC world, are very, very welcome.

Lord Tataraus
2008-02-20, 03:18 PM
the Mundane Item Enhancement System (http://www.rpghomebrews.com/mundane_item_enhancement.php) might interest you. It is my creation to solve the problem of low access to magical enhancements for weapons and armor.