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2008-02-21, 08:49 AM
I need a 17th level Half-Orc Barbarian, for a oneshot tomorrow night, in which we ransac a city for some reason (I really have no idea why...just that I'm allowed to be Chaotic Evil.). Could anybody help me?

Books available: Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide. That's it.
32 point buy: Leave Int and Cha at 8...who needs 'em?

I had Enlarge Person and Permanency cast on me, so I'm large.

Another player needed help with his items, so, I bought mine while I helped him. I'm carrying an Amulet of Health +6, Belt of Giant Strength +6, Ring of Protection +5, RhinoHide with SR19 enhancment, +1 Unholy Wounding Greataxe, (2) +1 Returning Human-Bane Throwing Axes. Also, I bought the Figurine of Wonderous Power that turns into an elephant, for my mount! Items are taken care of.

Basically, if you could point-buy the stats for me, and help me with feats and skills, that'd be it.

2008-02-21, 09:31 AM
hooook. you want to leave int and cha at 8. but you will get the racial modifiers to that, which will leave you lacking on your skill points (which you'll need for the ride/mount checks you'll have to make) so i would try and keep your INT at 8 (or 10, if i'm honest). the lack of phb2 and other good fighting feat sources is a problem...

STR 15 -> 21 (racial mod + level increases)
DEX 16 -> 16
CON 16 -> 16
INT 10 -> 8
WIS 10 -> 10
CHA 8 -> 6

Skills: 15 in ride, 10 in handle animal, 10 in jump, 20 in climb, 5 in swim. (note, 2 more points in INT, at the cost of 1 point in starting strength gets you a fair few more skill points).

1: Power Attack
3: Cleave
6: Mounted Combat (if you plan on using the mount extensively)
9: Combat Reflexes
12: improved bull rush
15: improved overrun

in a siege environment, the mount can be kept safe with your ride check, will get you to the city walls, where your climb check should get you up there (given enough covering fire) and your improved bull rush/overrun will clear you some fighting space.

2008-02-21, 09:54 AM
Core? Not many options. Get Power Attack (1st), Cleave (3rd), Iron Will (to lessens the chances of being charmed, 6th), Improved Critical (9th)
Then I suggest trading your throwing axes by a strenghtened composite longbow, and get mounted combat(12th) and mounted archery(15th), so you can kill people quikly from the top of your mount.
Alternatively, get ride-by-attack and or spirited charge in place of Iron Will or Improved Critical, so you can run around slaughering people.

If you just want to be flashy, get the Dodge/Mobility/Spring Attack/Combat Expertize/Whirlwind Attack chain. It's not "optimized", but it's fun.
Skills won't be of much use for a one-shot, but get good ranks in spot and/or listen, jump, climb, and survival.

Quick sheet:
Stats: Str 24(34):+12, Dex 12:+2, Con 16(22):+6, Int 6:-2, Wis 10:+0, Cha 6:-2
Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery, Ride-by-attack, Spirited Charge.
or: Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved sunder, Improved bullrush, Improved overrun. Just to abuse the P.A. tree. Take your time hitting people, running over them, and destroying their weapons.
Skills: Jump 5(+17), Climb 5(+17), Ride 15(+16), Intimidate 15 (+13)

2008-02-21, 10:56 AM
Does this have to be Barb 17? Barb15/Ftr2 would be a bit better mechanically.

2008-02-21, 11:52 AM
Yeah, it has to be Full Barbarian. The ONLY reason we're doing a one-shot is because our table has a consistent Druid player, who only plays a druid for the off chance of reaching level 17 and being able to cast Storm of Vengence (and the other spells that do basically the same thing). So, we're doing an extremely basic one shot.
I wasn't planning on using the Elephant as much more than a temporary "Oooo-Aaaah" machine. However, after realizing that Elephants have trample and that I'm wearing Rhino-Hide (which I believe also effects my mount...) and that Ride-by Attack is a pretty cool feat that I've never looked at before, I think I'm gonna mold my character into that.
I'm gonna stick with my current weapons, however, because when I chose barbarian, I chose the one from the PHB...the actual picture. He carries an axe, so, I decided he shall only fight with them. I chose the Throwing Axes because they (being large) will do tons of damage in both melee and ranged combat and contintue to be useful, thanks to the returning feature.

Question: If I focus my feats to get Ride-by Attack and Great Cleave, would my +2d6 for charging from the rhino-hide apply to all my cleave attacks as well, since I'm technically still charging? And, if that's the case, does that mean I can just hang my axe over the side (10 ft reach because of size) and slice the buggers I run by? And, if THAT is the case, because of the mechanics of great cleave, would I be attacking on both sides of the elephant, or could I only cleave a line on one side?