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2008-02-21, 09:54 PM
Hi, guys.

I've been DMing for a few years and what I always do is create a rich, teaming world to throw the PCs into and let them have a good romp. It may not always be amazing, but I make a new one each time.
Frankly, I'm wearing thin, and ideas aren't coming as fast, so we (my friends and I) decided to make a homebrew world together, adding all of our favorite elements into it, so that each campaign has a familiar setting that the players know, and have a good feel for. We're about half-way through, and here's what it looks like so far:

We all prefer a bit lighter fantasy than most. More set in reality without the cavalading liches and mind flayers and gelatinous cubes. Much like Westeros, from A Song of Ice and Fire. Thus, our world is round, revolves around a sun, and is populated only by humans. As far as monsters go, anything from the triassic period on, is in. We have dinosaurs in jungles, mammoths and neanderthals in the arctic, and giant shark/fish/toothy monstrosities in the water. The earth is Hollow (like from Journey the the Center of the Earth) and people can, and do, go there. It's a big insect filled jungle. The insects are massive, though and people usually end up as food. Gods do not apear and do magical what-nots. No body has seen them, and it just akes good ol' faith to keep a church. They might exist, they might not. Undead are completely accepted in the world, in so much as nobody disbelieves them, and any wizard worth his salt can create them. Seeing a zombie is like seeing a lion. People will wonder why it's here (if it's somewhere uncommon), and whether it's gonna kill them, and they are scared, but no one would think twice about it's reality.

Magic (by the way, I'm not using DnD rules, I'm using the A Game of Thrones RPG. It's basicly just like DnD, but more realistic, and a totally different magic system) polutes the area around the user, and saturates it with vile energy. It's like pulling mud up from the bottom of a puddle and making the water murky. Things eventually settle back down, but wierd stuff happens around wizards. Example: two wizards are dueling on oposing ships that are engaged in battle. While they are duking it out, the environment changes, subtly at first, then uncontrollably. A man near the wizard feels his sword grow hot although it's chilly out, then a man sees that the wizards robes are billowing against the wind, then a man close by goes blind and his hair turns white, then two men fall on the ground vomiting bile and worms, then maggots start burrowing out of the floorboards. By the end, the crews are tearing their stomachs open and tentacles are groing from arms and... bad, cazy stuff happens that would make ya go mad if I kept writing. Power of the warping and effects varies by wizard level and by other factors we haven't worked out yet. I supose a lot of it will be thought up on the spot, and wizards will stop casting not because they have no more spells prepared, but because their friends are running from all the wierd stuff.
Oh, and time periods vary from the stone age to Renaissance, depending upon region.

I'm just looking for any general input or ideas. I might have real questions later, but right now, I'm just wondering what ya think. Thanks in advance.

2008-02-24, 02:43 AM
hmmm, a hollow world, anything going on benieth the surface

like a tarrasque mosh pit?

2008-02-25, 05:01 PM
The interior of the world is somewhat like Skull island from King Kong, except on the inside of a sphere. Any ideas or a light source? I'm debating jst having it be an eternal jungle twilight. Maybe even pitch black, where humans who live there guard their fire absolutely. The Core could use a giant Kong monster. Tarrasque's hiding place? Other big baddy?