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2008-02-22, 04:09 PM
So, we recently got the ToB, and my brother made a lvl 6 Thiefling Swordsage. He wanted me to GM him a solo campaign. I just started out with him awakening in an arena without memories of what had happened before, fighting two ogres, he used shadow garrote and dance of the spider to stay out of the ogres reach whilst pummeling them. Then he tried to escape from the arena using shadow jaunt, but was intercepted by the Small Bad Evil Guy grey elf enchanter who useddeep slumber to take him down. He awoke in a small cell and met with a lvl 4 wood elf ranger and a lvl 5 human rogue, who are DMNPC's. he then broke out of the cell using insightful strike and slaughtered a pair of warforged Fighters. He has now come to a tower in which he can go up into the tower or down into the sewers which lead out of the city. however, I am not sure of what encounters to place.

I am already thinking about a lasting demon villain that will usualy just stay as a presence looming about him and sometimes chanting menacing phrases like "Sherydan is the end of dreams, the hunter in the nightwho. Sherydan will burn you and dance on your ashes." That kind of thing, plus sometimes possessing plot NPC's to try to murder him. As you see i've already come up with a name. I am already thinking about what the motivation would be, the SS is a Thiefling after all...
I jsut wonder what kind of Outsider he (or she) should be.

Anyways, I have some problems thinking out a good plot other than random adventuring and escaping the wizz and the demon. Of course he could go for vengeance or somesuch, but what motivators other than "a wizard used you as a fight slave, you escaped and now is in a position to get help and free the poor slaves and a demon is trying to murder you for unknown reasons" could I use?