View Full Version : spell-like abilities as level adjustment?

Charlie Kemek
2008-02-22, 07:23 PM
So as the title says, what would the LA of each spell level be? Not including polymorph cheese and such? My thoughts, you get 2 spell-like abilities at will.
Spells and LA

Fiery Diamond
2008-02-22, 07:27 PM
Honestly, I don't know for the higher leveled spells whether that's accurate. I think it could get pretty insane. However, for first and second level spells, at least, I think that chart's pretty good.

-Fiery Diamond

2008-02-22, 07:47 PM
SLAs and level adjustment don't go well together. Why? Because, as you can see from your own table, assigning a level adjustment to them is problematic.

Take for example a 5th level SLA:
What would you prefer? To be a level 11 wizard able to cast a 5th level SLA at will when you already have access to 6th level spells or to be a 20th level wizard with access to 9th level spells? The same would apply to ANY SLAs one might have-being able to cast a 1st level spell at will is not even worth a single level 9 spell slot-let alone an entire class level-and the higher the spell level you want as an SLA the greater the problem becomes.

If you do want to have at will SLAs, you'd better assign outsider HD, not level adjustment. How to do that? Well, look at the Warlock class.

1) A level 1 warlock has two level 1 SLAs (his Eldritch Blast plus one Invocation) in addition to his decent HD, attack bonus and detect magic.

2) A 10th level warlock has access to 7 SLAs: Eldritch Blast, 3 least (level 1-2 equivalent), 3 lesser (level 3, maybe 4 equivalent), some energy resistance and DR and some fast healing from fiendish resilience.

3) A 20th level warlock has access to 13 SLAs: Eldritch Blast, 3 least, 3 lesser, 3 greater and 3 dark-with dark invocations being equivalent to 6th to 7th level spells in addition to energy resistances, some damage reduction and fast healing, decent BAB and HD.

So, if you want to give SLAs, don't give level adjustment. Make a table with racial HD instead. Or, you know, just give warlock levels.