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Baron Corm
2008-02-23, 11:05 PM
Invocation levels haven't been chosen because it would take longer and they're mostly irrelevant. They're slightly relevant if you want to use a SLA metamagic feat, but I have a houserule which gets rid of even that usage. Might as well post it:

You may take a SLA metamagic feat for any SLA with no restrictions. In addition, they are usable at will, instead of 3/day. However, they may only be used once every 1d(amount of spell levels they would normally increase) rounds, and only one SLA metamagic may be applied at a time.

If you have a SLA which is not usable at will, you use an extra use or two of the SLA instead of waiting extra rounds. A +1 or +2 spell level increase takes up 1 extra use, and a +3 or +4 spell level increase takes up two extra uses.

Anyone who has tried to Quicken an invocation can see the need for this houserule.

And now the invocations. As always, the flavor can be easily changed to match your fey/celestial/whatever warlock.

Solid Blast
Lesser Eldritch Essence

Your blast has a tangible force behind it, fueled by your convictions. Creatures hit by your blast must make a Strength check opposed by your Charisma check. You get a +1 bonus on this check per damage dice of your eldritch blast. If the creature loses, it is knocked prone and pushed to the closest square not covered by your blast. If there is more than one such square, you may choose which one the creature falls into.

Bane Blast
Lesser Eldritch Essence

A bane blast deals 50% extra damage to a selected creature type. You may select this invocation for only one type of creature; it cannot be selected again for a different creature type.

Eldritch Seeker
Greater Blast Shape

Eldritch seeker causes your eldritch blast to take on a life of its own, seeking out your chosen target. It is unaffected by any concealment and ignores cover bonuses to AC, and can even target a creature behind total cover or on the ethereal plane. You receive a bonus on your ranged touch attack roll equal to your Charisma bonus.

Vile Companion
"I shall call him... Mini-Me."

This invocation grants the warlock a quasit familiar, with familiar bonuses as a sorcerer of his warlock level. The familiar may be called or dismissed to its native plane by this invocation at will.

"Wounded is the deer which leaps highest."

Activating this invocation creates a shield for 24 hours around the warlock which deals 1d6 damage per HD of the attacker to any creature who attacks the warlock. The attacker suffers immense pain from this damage in one short burst, causing him to be stunned for 1 round. A creature cannot be affected by punishment more than once every 24 hours. However, if a creature is helpless, the warlock may use punishment with a (melee) touch, and it may be used more than once.

Dark Word: Surrender

This invocation allows you to violently take a body part of the target creature with a word of the Dark Speech, killing it. Commonly selected body parts are hearts or heads, but even if an arm is taken, the bleeding will be unnaturally profuse enough to kill the creature instantly. The creature may make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 level + Cha modifier) to reverse the traitorous words upon the warlock. The warlock adds +3 to the DC if his target is Good, and +2 if his target is Lawful. This invocation has no effect on creatures not subject to critical hits.

(The idea here is... more like "surrender your x", as in "give it to me", but also used like the body parts are becoming turncoats and switching to the warlock's side. Dark Speech is vile and hard to control, and due to the nature of the ones being used, these can turn upon the warlock. It's the balance for giving him an at-will save-or-die. A Lawful Good creature is less likely to be able to harness the evil power and less willing to be traitorous. While the warlock still has to think before throwing this invocation around, and not all warlocks would take it, it remains potent.)

Dark Word: Weaken

With a word of the Dark Speech, the warlock takes a defiled battering ram to the defenses of his target. The chosen creature takes a -1 penalty to all saves and AC for 1 minute/level. A second use of this invocation increases the penalty by -2 and refreshes the duration. A third use will increase the penalty by -3 and refresh the duration, and so on.

Protection from Purity
"Got a devil's haircut, in my mind."

This invocation grants the warlock a +3 deflection bonus to AC against Good and/or Lawful creatures, prevents Good and/or Lawful creatures from using mind-affecting effects against the warlock, and protects the warlock from magical effects which would alter his alignment for 24 hours.

Dark Word: Malevolence

With a word of Dark Speech, all around you begin to bicker and feud. They must succeed on a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 level + Charisma modifier) or have a 25% chance each round to attack (or intelligently plot to attack, if capable) the nearest creature that they are friendly with, with better friends taking higher precedence. This will not stop a creature from combat with another creature if it is in one. The creatures do not have any memory of the time spent under the effects of this invocation. The invocation lasts for 1 hour unless renewed.

Hideous Transformation - Replaces hideous blow and eldritch glaive?
"Demon blood is thicker than... regular blood."

This transforms the warlock into an avatar of unholy power. He doubles his damage reduction/cold iron, and it becomes DR/cold iron and good. He gains 1 temporary hp per level, which disappears when he leaves hideous form. He loses the ability to fire his eldritch blast, but he may still cast other invocations. He receives a melee weapon which mimics any melee weapon he is proficient with, though its damage is equal to eldritch blast damage, and it cannot be thrown away; it is attached to the warlock. Spell resistance applies to attacks with this weapon, and it requires melee touch attacks instead of normal attack rolls. Eldritch essences can be applied to it.