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2008-02-24, 12:42 AM
So, being the good little whatever I am, I get $25 on amazon to spend on books.

I just recently got the Exalted 2nd edition (well, the library got it, but this is why I work there) and was wondering what else I should get.

There are no games near me, and it would be nice to pull something together if I could, but I'd rather get something more impressive than the storytellers guide.

I don't particularly care about the other types of exalted(Lunar, Abyssals, DB, etc.) unless somebody could change my mind, so I'd rather get something I could use consistently rather than a "huh, that's kind of bleh, why did I waste $15 on it?"

Any help?:smallconfused:

2008-02-24, 12:57 AM
Scroll of the Monk [Has lots of Martial Arts]
Wonders of the Lost Age [Magitech, which includes magic vehicles, working prosthetics, and giant essence guns]
The White and Black Treatises (one book, one of the two covers will be apparent) [Sorcery, and nothing else, but everything sorcery]
Oadenol's Codex [Magic in general, including artifacts, manses and demenses, thaumaturgy, and natural wonders]

All worthwhile in so many ways, though. They all tell you so much about Creation, and give you so many things to do with your game. I could make a fun game with only the corebook and one of those books, such is their power.

Though I wouldn't encourage your outlook on the Manuals of Exalted Power. It's great to have full info on antagonists, or play in mixed groups. And they also tell you a lot about Creation that no other book does (And Sidereals tells you about Yu-Shan!). If you like Exalted, the only book they sell that you will feel a bit of a waste is the Roll of Glorious Divinity. Useful, but seriously not as interesting.

That's all I really have for you. Don't really concern yourself with the Compass books. They're great, but they have nothing you can't make up from the basic info in the corebook (just stay away from the West, because it's totally not what you expect). Enjoy Exalted, and maybe take a look at my new Exalted webcomic so that it gains popularity. It's in Arts & Crafts. X-Alted Files. Shameless plug.

2008-02-24, 01:17 AM
Done and done.
Thank ya' kindly.

2008-02-24, 01:18 AM
You got something? What'd'ja get? What'd'ja get? *annoying bouncing*

2008-02-24, 01:24 AM
Going to get Scroll of the Monk, and Wonders of the Lost Age.
Not now though, tired.