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2008-02-24, 09:08 AM
Just putting this in to start this thread. More detailed stuff will come as I decide to type that day :) Also, Lord Gareth's True Fae are used in this setting as a playable race.

The continent's name is Brovan and all sorts of races are seen as a valuable part of the community. In fact, in this aspect, my world is very different than normal DnD worlds. Kobolds and Gnolls are not considered monsters, they are valuable members of a community and commerce. There are also small, winged folk called True Fey that are a part of the community and are all often seen in a town just as you would see a human, elf, or dwarf. Who knows, you may run into a village with a Kobold mayor or a Gnoll Sheriff. :p

Other humanoid like races may be added to that list, but as of now, those three are the only abnormalities. Some of the rarer races are the races found in Races of the Wild, Races of Destiny, Races of Stone, outsiders (tieflings, asimiir, gloaming) and so on and so forth.

The Continent of Brovan is divided into seven countries:

Bridwell: Where the campaign will start. Mostly populated by humans, Bridwell is famous for it's large castles, luscious plains, and militaristic power. Seemingly everywhere, you can see armored knights and men on guard or questing throughout the territories. St. Cuthbert has a large amount of followers here as well as Pelor. There is a famous Mage Academy in Tillthea, the capitol city, and it is said that out of all the countries, Bridwell is most prepared for another war to break out.

Yubii: This place is full of dark secrets. Almost every legend of horror seems to originate from here. It is said that it is constantly dark, covered in a spell which keeps the sun from touching those in exsistence there. However, this could be a lie or a tall tale passed on through generations. It used to be a fruitful land, however, the great war had started there and it has been said that the fallen heroes, angered by the brtrayal of their country, cursed the land as they fell. To this day, no plants or trees grow in the soil and ghost towns litter the streets of the eerie country. There is still a king there who claims that his goal is to bring Yubii back to the state it once was and wishes to have allegiances with the other countries again.

The Anah: A wasteland for lack of a better word. The Anah is a large desert and was also the stage of the final battle in the great war over 300 years ago. The sands constantly change and although it may seem dead, life is abundant throughout it. Hundreds of nomadic camps dot the desert and a few cities and rest havens are found in the kingdom of Anah. The capital City, Anah Mohr, is a magnificent sight as the sandstone walls stretch high out of the deserts sands where they meet the sky. All sorts of races call this place home, although the Kobold find it more comfortable than other places.

Ishira: The land of forests and mountains. Ishira is renowned for it's beauty as it seems to have everything. Luscious forests in the center, Mountains to tho north, bays in the south and even a volcano called Mt. Blossom in the main bay in the north. As one could imagine, a variety of races live in Ishira. Elves tend to stay in the center whereas Gnolls have many cities in the north. Halflings and Gnomes also feel comfortable around here and the city of Jerg is said to be the true home of the True Fey.

Mizure: The connecting country. Bordered by three other countries, mizure connects the north and the south. As such being the case, the king had to decide on his position. Defend the land with all his forces, or open as many alliances as he could. He chose the latter. Some praise him for his decision, others call him a fool. Either way, everything has seemed to work out for these past 300 years. Mizure is the trading capital of the continent and perhaps the world. Not exactly filled with plains or a desert, Mizure is a mix of mountains and savannah-like plains. The people are quite friendly and love to barter goods. The first thing people will notice in this country is that you will never find a price tag on items. Everything's price is determined through discussion. This is also the country that owns all of the continent's airshipping routes and companies. This was a brilliant move made by some of the nobles of Mizure as they lacked many ports and needed a way to boost their economy.

Eir: The rocky, coastal country of Eir is run by what some may call a mad man viking. Although friendly and outwardly welcome, the King of Eir is always suspicious of others and doesn't trust anyone. He also claims rule over the Isle of Tatse, however, it has long been considered that the Isle was neutral territory. His claims on that land has caused more than a few disputes in the past. All races can be found here. This country is best known for it's naval prowress. From naval shipping to naval warfare, the country of Eir is considered the best.

Myorga: From the small forests in the southern parts of this country, to the highest, snowy peak in the mountains to the north, this territory is only for the strong of will and mind. Looked over by the kind and wise dwarven king, this land has been used for mining since long before the great war. It was, in fact one of the prizes sought after in that war. Many races live here and some have even formed race specific cities, however, most larger cities, especially Pelo, is made of of bands of miners from every race.

Other Continents: Other continents do, indeed exist, however we won't be involving them just yet and don't want to spoil any surprises we might have concerning them. However, if you wish to choose something from oriental adventures or wish to have a foreign character, you would have to be from another continent. You can PM me to get details for a background on those.

Here is a map, albeit a small one, of your continent and the seven countries that make it up:

Oh well. I couldn't upload the bigger one onto the site so I have this small one. Sorry. I will try and get the more legible one in later.

*ALSO* There are only 12 mainstream gods. They are as follows:

*St. Cuthbert
*Wee Jas

Basically, there are no racial gods. These 12 gods would not permit it and demand that all races be dedicated to one of them. Any racial gods and godesses are only known as legend or storybook heroes.

2008-02-26, 02:07 PM
But where are the lakes and rivers??? :smalltongue:

So is this the world of Brovan, or is that just the name of the continent? At any rate, I rather like it. Are these nations unified internally, or are they just nationalistic states ruled by feudal lords and kings?

I never feel that it's in my place to critique someone else's campaign setting because while I personally like deep-seated politics within my campaign, you may prefer a simplier touch.

I do like it, though. Post some more!

2008-02-27, 06:31 AM
Thanks Lappy :) Yeah there is a whole lot of internal politics going on. This is actually just the continent of Brovan and I am still working on the rest of the world. Each country is now run by a king or queen but they were all once under the rule of an Emperor. However, about 600 years ago a war broke out that lasted for 100 years until the feudal lords of each country signed a peace treaty that left the country in it's current divided state.

There are lots of lakes and rivers, but I felt this map was a bit too large in scale to show them all. It's actually a really big continent :) I am going to post more on each separate country and and it's internal dealings, past kings and queens, plus the current ones, and political structures as not all countries with kings and queens have to be monarchies. :) I just put up this first post to start the thread. Once I get more time, much more will be added. :) Thanks again for the comment.

2008-02-27, 05:26 PM
I always invision the world better after knowing the magic level. Is it straight DnD? Are wizards common? Feared? Useful in the military?

I really liked the name Mount Blossom. It really speaks of Gorgeous Desruction.

2008-02-28, 11:06 PM
Thanks Legion :) Yeah this will be a standard DnD world as far as magic goes.

Mount Blossom is named after the vocano here where I live called Sakurajiima, Cherry Blossom Island heh. I love how cute girlie names are given to such destructive forces :)