View Full Version : Reshaping the Shaper [Dawnforge]

2008-02-25, 09:33 AM
I'm going to be running a campaign using the Dawnforge setting. I'll probably be asking a lot more questions about it in the future, but for now I need to know what people's opinions are on the shaper.
One of my players has volunteered to play the shaper, even before hearing what other people are playing. Now, he usually plays the hack-and-slash meat shield, and this group is the kind that hates playing the healer. So, the fact that he volunteered makes me want to help him out a bit.
He needs help in this fashion: Metamagic. Shapers get free metamagic on their domain spells x/day. He doesn't like that, and, honestly, I'm not a fan of metamagics, either. So, does anybody (who understands the shaper a bit) have any advice for me? What can I substitute these metamagics for?