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2008-02-26, 03:16 AM
I call this one the Terrestrial Enforcer.

There are those out there in the world who have discovered a strange calling in magic. They were not skilled enough, nor did they care to, learn magic truly, but instead discovered how to distrupt the processes that arcane magic used. Occasionally a Wizard or Sorceror will come across one of these, to cast a spell, finish the gestures, and find nothing happened. Soon afterwards, the Enforcer will sprint up to them and tackle them, pulling them to the ground and gagging/tying them up with surprising speed, quickness, and ability.

Pre-reqs: Improved Unarmed Strike, Knowledge(Arcana) 10 ranks, Tumble 10 ranks, Improved Initiative, base speed at least 40 ft/round, Use Rope 10 ranks, Evasion
BAB: Full
Skills: 4+Level
Saves: All
Class Skills: Knowledge(Arcana), Tumble, Use Rope, Balance, Jump, Climb, Spot, Listen, throw in a handful more.
HD: d6
Alignment: Any

1 : Natural Counterspell, Masterful Initiative, Run
2 : Amazing Grappler (+2)
3 : Fast Movement +10
4 : Amazing Grappler (+4)
5 : Rope Master
6 : Fast Movement +20 Amazing Grappler (+6)
7 : Super-Grappler
8 : Amazing Grappler(+8)
9 : Fast Movement +30, SR 10
10: Amazing Grappler (+10)

Natural Counterspell:
Whenever a character within 10' + 5'/Enforcer level radius casts an arcane spell, the Enforcer may chose to attempt to counter that spell once per day per Enforcer level, as well as once more for his modifiers in int and wis. If the enforcer does, the Arcane caster must make a Spellcraft check equal to DC 15 + 1/2 Character Level + Int.

Masterful Initiative:
A Terrestrial Enforcer adds his Terrestrial Enforcer level to his initiative checks.

A Terrestrial Enforcer gains Run as a bonus feat. If the Enforcer already has Run, the Enforcer instead gets Improved Initiative again.

Amazing Grappler:
A Terrestrial Enforcer adds this bonus to his grappler checks as an unnamed bonus. Every other level the bonus increases by 2 to a maximum of 10.

Fast Movement:
A Terrestrial Enforcer adds this bonus to his movement speed as an unnamed bonus. Every third level the bonus increased by 10'/round to a maximum of 30'/round.

Rope Master:
A Terrestrial Enforcer of 5th level or higher incurs no penalty for attempting to bind someone using Use Rope as a free action during a grapple. A Terrestrial Enforcer gets +5 to Use Rope checks to bind someone if the check is used under normal circumstances.

Super Grappler:
A Terrestrial Enforcer of seventh level ignores Freedom of Movement when grappling, and any direct bonus to grapple checks from arcane sources (this does not include bonuses given by increasing the size of the creature or strengthening the creature).

Spell resistance:
A Terrestrial Enforcer's spell resistance stacks with any other spell resistance (say... a monk?)

You're really supposed to access this class through the monk. The idea is you build something pretty tough who can burn through and take out the spellcaster, but is pretty weak against anything (read: everything) else. Also good for non-violent take-downs due to the grapple bonuses.

Ideas? the SR seems weak and the counterspell needs a lot of tweaking.