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2008-02-28, 06:10 PM
They keep saying multiclassing works much better in 4e than in 3e. Sweet!

But from the hints they've given us so far, it sounds like multiclassing is a pretty limited system. Specifically, you take a "_____ Training" feat, where ____ is the class you want to multiclass to; and after you take the feat, you can take the Powers (or other talents) of the new class instead of your regular Powers or talents.

I hope it's a little more extensive than that. I hope Rogue Training lets you train a couple more useful rogue-ish skills, and Fighter Training gets you some extra weapon proficiencies. But it sounds like HP per level, base save bonuses, and other basic stuff like that will always be defined by your first level, not affected by multiclassing.

I have mixed feelings about that, but ... meh ... time will tell whether it really works.

So the point of this thread is to come up with some multiclass combinations that sound interesting.

Like the combination I just thought of is: can you pretty much make a good Hexblade, without needing a Hexblade class, just by being a Fighter with the Warlock Training feat?

The Rogue preview made it clear that the basic Rogue is a thief type, not a swashbuckler or other type. Do you think we can still pull off a decent swashbuckler, without waiting for the Swashbuckler Class in the PHB 4 (or whatever), by making a Fighter/Rogue? Or a Rogue/Fighter? Yeah, a Rogue/Fighter feels much more swashbuckle-ish.

This brings up the general question: how much does the order matter in multiclassing? How different are a Rogue/Fighter and a Fighter/Rogue?

Another general question. Can you multiclass a third time and still feel effective? How much multiclassing can you do before it goes crazy?

Because I wonder if you can make a bard without a Bard class. As a Rogue/Warlord/Wizard. Or will Rogue/Warlord be enough?

How different is a Fighter/Cleric from a Paladin?

Will we be seeing a lot of Ranger/Clerics that still want to be spellcasters like 3e Rangers?

Is there any good way to simulate a Druid or Monk with current multiclassing?

2008-02-29, 07:43 AM
I can't point to the exact source, but where multiclassing is mentioned, they refer to the class training feats as an alternate option, to grab a couple of class features/powers from another class. I assume multiclassing will be a seperate option.

No idea on how it'll work though. If you can just start as a fighter, grab the high HD and proficiencies and then take a Wizard Training feat and take mostly wizard stuff from then on, that'd make a pretty damn good gish.