View Full Version : Clearing up of rules (And [Monster] concept)

2008-03-01, 01:10 PM
I just wanna clear up some details before I put up some homebrews.

In rules terms, how does Telepathic Bond work? For instance, if one of the bonded were to give an instruction mentally, would that be picked up instantaneously? Likewise, would the bonded know what each other were going to do and respond accordingly?

My concept is for a Snake Queen, a Wizard 9/Druid 9, accompanied by a number of Awakened snakes. These snakes accept her as the leader, and so act as her weapons and armour, coiled round her body. She isn't hindered by the snakes; when she moves, the snakes move as well. When she instructs, the snakes obey. When one becomes in danger of dying, the other snakes protect it.

Help with the rules and comment on the concept?