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2008-03-01, 08:58 PM
Please forgive th lack of a proper table, I'm working on making one.

This is the elemental warrior, a prestige class for martial characters/ shugenjas. The shugenja gains the the ability to bring the fight to the front without suffering a great lack of spellcasting ability (and becomes slightly less weak), and the martial character gains some magical abilities to boost his skills in combat (albeit at the loss of bonus feats.)

Elemental warriors merge their chosen elements with their martial skill, blending the two until no distinction can be made between magic and blade.

Able to cast 1st level shugenja spells
Somatic Weaponry feat (let's you cast spells while holding weapons.)
Proficiency with martial weapons
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Reflex Save|Will Save|Special|Invocations
1st|1|2|0|2|Channel Element|+1 spellcasting
2nd|2|3|0|3|Elemental Body|+1 spellcasting
3rd|3|3|1|3|Elemental Style +1|
4th| 4|4|1|4|Elemental Weapon|+1 spellcasting
5th|5|4|1|4|Aspect of Element|+1 Spellcasting
6th|6|5|2|5| Elemental Style +2|
7th|7|5|2|5| |+1 spellcasting
8th|8|6|2|6| Spirit of the Blade| +1 Spellcasting
9th|9|6|3|6| Elemental Style +3|
10th|10|7|3|7| Manifest Elemental Fury|+1 Spellcasting

Spellcasting: You gain spells known, caster level, and spells per day as though you had also gained a level of shugenja.
Channel Element- Your weapons gain an energy descriptor based on your chosen element (same as with elemental body.)
Elemental Style: You have listened to the song of your chosen element for so long, you can incorporate a part of its nature into your fighting style. If you chose fire or water as your element, you gain +1 to attack rolls. If you chose Air or earth, you gain +1 to AC. These benefits increase to +2 at 6th level, and +3 at 9th.

[U]Elemental Body- (1+ CHA modifier) times/ day, you gain energy resistance equal to twice your class level. This benefit lasts a number of minutes equal to your class level. The type of energy is determined by your chosen element: fire-fire, water-cold, air-lightning, earth-sonic.

Elemental Weapon: You can channel the power of your element through your weapons. [once/class level +CHA modifier] times a day, you may use the appropriate following ability as a free action:
*Fire- Flames lick your blades as they strike your foe's flesh. Add 1d6+ CHA modifier fire damage to damage rolls with weapons this round.
*Water- Your weapon seems to liquify momentarily as it changes shape. .Your weapon becomes another weapon of the same size or smaller, two weapons of 1 size category smaller, or two weapons can be merged to create a single weapon of 1 size category larger. This lasts for 1 round/ class level + CHA modifier.
*Air- As you swing your sword, a blade of wind rushes forth to strike your foe. Your weapon gains 5ft/ class level reach for this round.
*Earth- Your weapon issues a wave of force like a falling mountain through your opponent's armor. You may ignore any damage reduction the creature you are attacking might possess.

Aspect of Element- You gain a spell like ability useable a number of times per day equal to 1+ CHA modifier.
*Fire- all creatures with 5 feet of you take 1d6/ 2 levels fire damage as your body radiates scorching heat. This lasts for 1+ CHA modifier rounds
*Water- You create a number of water clones equal to your CHA modifier. These clones may cast spells just as you do, though doing so subtracts from your alloted number of spells per day (i.e. a clone casts a 3rd level spell removing one 3rd level spell use from your number of uses.) They are armed with mundane versions of your weapons and armor, and are otherwise identical to you. The clones are under your command, and commanding them is a free action. The clones evaporate into nothing as soon as they are damaged. If undamaged, the clones last for one hour.
*Air- Your base land speed increases by 30ft., and you gain a fly speed equal to your base speed with perfect maneuverability. this last for 10 minutes/ CHA modifier.
*Earth- You gain a bonus to your AC equal to 5+CHA modifier as well as damage reduction 5/+1 for 1+CHA modifier rounds.

Spirit of the Blade: You gain a bonus on attack rolls with a magical weapon that deals damage appropriate to your element equal to your CHA modifier. For example, an Elemental Warrior with a flaming longsword who has selected fire as his element adds his CHA modifier to attack rolls. The appropriate damage and magical enhancement is as follows:
Air- Shocking
Earth- Sonic
Fire- Flaming
Water- Cold

Manifest Elemental Fury- You have attuned yourself so acutely to the spirit of your element and the song of battle, that you can cause the two to explode forth together in a devastating attack. Once/day, you may release a blast of energy in a fifty ft. radius with yourself as teh origin. The blast deals 10d6 damage (DC 20 ref. halves) of the following type, and has the following effects:
Air- slashing damage and all affected must make a 2nd ref. save (DC 20) or be knocked back to the edge of the blasts' radius and knocked prone.
Earth- bludgeoning damage and must make a 2nd ref. save (DC 20) or be entangled (as the spell) by jutting rocks.
Fire- fire damage and must make a DC 20 fortitude save or be caught on fire.
Water- Cold damage and must make a DC 20 reflex save or be paralyzed
Using this ability is very exhausting, and the user is rendered unconcious for a full minute afterwards.

Does this class seem balanced? If not, how should I change it?

Note: Ok, I made it a 10 level class, took away a couple levels of spellcasting, and added a couple more goodies to fill in the levels. How does it look?

2008-03-02, 10:48 AM
Table Added.

2008-03-02, 03:34 PM
Off the top of my head, I’d say Elemental weapon earth is a little much, maybe you could make it bypass all forms of damage reduction instead.

Additionally because you can get into this class pretty early (though I don’t know the requirements for somatic weaponry), you might want to look into expanding the class to 10 levels. That way a player has a vested interest in staying in it. Otherwise you’ll end up with people taking a 2 level “dip” into the class for elemental weaponry and then moving onto something else to keep their spell casting going.

2008-03-02, 04:00 PM
Damage reduction would probably be better now that you mention it. As for the dipping problem, how about making the prerequisite for entering the class 2nd level shugenja spells (4 levels of shugenja I think). That would make a character shooting for the class qualify at around... 5th level I believe.

And thank you for the input, I was beginning to worry that no one would comment on this.

2008-03-02, 06:19 PM
Alright, I updated it as a 10 level class and added in some more goodies to fill in the levels.

I also changed the prerequisite to being able to cast 2nd level shugenja spells. This way, a fighter looking to get some cheap abilities will have to give up some more bonus feats, BAB, etc. than normal. Shugenja dipping to get extra abilities will gain less overall levels of spellcasting ability, and many of the benefits of the prestige class are are much more useful to melee characters than straight shugenja.

Manifest nature's fury makes up slightly for the loss of spellcasting, but the cool down leaves the character helpless against any survivors, and the large area of effect may harm team mates if the user isn't careful.

Is this better?