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Rune Katashima
2008-03-02, 07:27 AM
There are many goals to this thread. In the end it will result (if successful) in surprising and impressing my DM, as well as a big hunk of XP for me, and taking down one of my fellow players a notch. I am hoping to make a collaborative effort with you guys to plot against them.

The Campaign I am is largely PvP. It takes place in a Drow City, custom made by the DM. I am willing to answer all questions if it helps with my goal.

I am ECL 8 as a Lesser Drow, Vampire, Monk 1. My foe is ECL 16 Drow, Vampire, and some 6 class levels in a Mage class. He is like that because in a recent encounter, he was killed in battle, but our DM ruled he still had a Con Score, so I rose him through Blood Drain as a Vampire to help us win the battle. He didn't like being turned into a Vampire. He doesn't want to remain a Vampire. In any case he has threatened my character by deciding to devote the majority of his vast resources to have my character wiped from existence via Vampire Hunters, possibly Clerics, and God knows what else. He has much influence, power, and money. He now also has an ECL on me.

My advantages are being allowed at least one solo adventure to ramp up to his level to gain experience, wealth, and hopefully allies. I also know where he resides, his daily habits, and the location of his Coffin. I don't intend to kill him, at the very least for a long time, I just hope to survive a long time.
Some more advantages I have are living in an ever-changing labrynth and no one knowing where my Coffin is. The labrynth has at least 1 Minotaur with various random creatures. I also hold in my possession a few items very valuable to him that he has no idea where they are, but I am told he has 1 guaranteed way to find me, I don't know if he can apply that to my Coffin or his items. Probably not.
In my labrynth are also many many Vampires. They have a large amount of infighting, because there are too many spawn and they all want 1 Master Vampire, as there are a few of those, more Vampires, and WAY too many Spawn. So they can't really be relied on as allies, in fact they'd probably try to kill me since I can't be Dominated. I'm hoping to use them to kill or slow down some Vampire Hunters.

I guess my question here is: Feel free to use cheese, but help me find a way to overcome this. If Vampire Hunters are actually statted somewhere, I'd like to know what I am up against. Any ideas will help, and questions will be answered to the ends that I survive and can maybe eventually take him down.

Edit: I have Endure Sunlight as a Feat.
I also have access to every book, save for Campaign books I am limited to Faerun.

2008-03-02, 09:38 AM
If you want to placate the fellow, see if there is some way to change him back to drow. If your intentions are of a more hostile bent, well...

Try to eliminate his fortune or his standing (I am assuming in this paragraph that this is a political or RP-heavy campaign). Gain political allies and help from the merchant class. This supplies you with information, perhaps income, and constricts him in both resources and movement.

If you cannot rely on such subtle methods, try bargaining, at least until you gain more power. See if he will drop his arguments with you for some of those treasures you have. Or, send him a message - destroy his coffin. This will unnerve him, perhaps leading him to the conclusion that you are not to be trifled with.

You cannot face him in open combat, so you must maneuver around him, put him in a position where he is naturally weaker than you are. Does he also have the Endure Sunlight feat? If the confrontation between you risks turning to physical violence, I recommend obtaining an item of some kind that can emit the "Daylight" spell for a few rounds. If need be, place it in your coffin room, and set a trap (magical or otherwise) to trigger it should anyone but you enter. If you don't want to kill him, don't make this a secret, but because you cannot risk more mundane threats, do not neglect normal traps.

If he sends vampire hunters, endeavor to make his current state of undeath common knowledge. Gently encourage those same vampire hunters to turn on him, claiming that you are the lesser of two evils (after all, it is true, for now). Remember, it's never too late to boost your Diplomacy skills.

Perhaps enlist the aid of your fellow PCs. Surely they can see the threat of one of their number having twice their ECL (and therefore something like ten times their power). Together, you will have a much better chance of humbling him, if still no chance of winning a direct confrontation (unless you have that handy Daylight spell).

That's all I can think of for now. Happy hunting.

2008-03-02, 09:45 AM
Any vampire you make is under your mental control. Have fun! :smallbiggrin:

Ofcourse, you can't normally be a vampire if you're less than 4th level. :smallconfused:

2008-03-02, 09:47 AM
Simple. You're a vampire. You blood drained his CON to 0, so he's a vampire. Look at the following ability, particularly in bold:

Create Spawn (Su)
A humanoid or monstrous humanoid slain by a vampireís energy drain rises as a vampire spawn 1d4 days after burial.

If the vampire instead drains the victimís Constitution to 0 or lower, the victim returns as a spawn if it had 4 or less HD and as a vampire if it had 5 or more HD. In either case, the new vampire or spawn is under the command of the vampire that created it and remains enslaved until its masterís destruction. At any given time a vampire may have enslaved spawn totaling no more than twice its own Hit Dice; any spawn it creates that would exceed this limit are created as free-willed vampires or vampire spawn. A vampire that is enslaved may create and enslave spawn of its own, so a master vampire can control a number of lesser vampires in this fashion. A vampire may voluntarily free an enslaved spawn in order to enslave a new spawn, but once freed, a vampire or vampire spawn cannot be enslaved again.

So. If this is ruled out of existence (as it is, otherwise you wouldn't be in this situation; I just like noting how much abuse vampires have available :smalltongue: ), then you need some wipe tactics. I recommend sunlight.

I also recommend getting use out of your cash at ECL 16 :smallwink:

I bet vampire hunters use magic, silver weapons, ghost touch weapons :smallyuk:

Rune Katashima
2008-03-02, 05:25 PM
This indeed is a political heavy/RP Campaign. Our DM ruled that you cannot control a NUMBER of Spawn, but the spawns HD. So, my HD is 1, I can control an HD of up to 2. I tried convincing them it was number, but they would not have it, so now I have to deal with only being able to control up to an HD of 2 (for now). He is obviously a much higher HD (6 to begin with). I also cannot create spawn because DM said they are HD 4 when created because they turn into the monster and no such template exists for them.

He will not be powering his Vampire self because he wants to get rid of it, thus no Master Vampire, creating spawn, or Endure Daylight. Apparently he has underlings anyway though, but they're normal so if need be I could kill them.
I doubt he would face me in direct combat, preferring to send those Hunters. Also, he would use some mediator to contact them and tell them.

I just had an idea. I could dominate a drow on the surface (some no name, I'm quite sure it would work) and give them a letter and have them deliver it unto the Vampire hoard below stating that a Vampire from above is sending Vampire Hunters to wipe them ALL out. At the very least, this may cause them to all kill the Hunters (While I doubt he has the resources to send enough Hunters to kill them all, my DM assures me his resources are vast.)

I am not ECL 16 unfortunately, he is, and that is because I turned him to make him so. Before that we were all ECL 8. I have 5k gold now, but I also plan to make a deal with a Demon Lord we have in this city because I have an item he needs /and/ wants. I can only do so much with him, but maybe I can do something.