View Full Version : A bit of 4E for you. [Feat]

2008-03-04, 12:42 AM
So I took a few 4E things I liked, adjusted them for 3.5 style, and feated them. Other classes later.

Divine Challenge [General]
You boldly confront your nearest enemy, searing it with divine energy if it ignores your challenge.
Prerequisites: Cha 13+, paladin or blackguard 1st level
Benefits: As a standard action you may mark an enemy. A target marked by Divine Challenge is dealt damage equal to your paladin or blackguard level whenever he declares an attack, harmful spell, or similar offensive ability that doesn’t include you as a target. A target can only be dealt this damage once per turn.
Special: You can only have one creature marked by Divine Challenge at a time. When you mark with Divine Challenge, all previous marked by your Divine Challenge end.

Combat Challenge [General]
Prerequisites: Fighter 1st level
Benefits: When you attack you may mark the target.
Special: You cannot mark creature whose combined level or HD exceed twice your fighter level with Combat Challenge.

A fighter may select Combat Challenge as one of his fighter bonus feats

Rogue Weapon Talent [General]
Flavor text.
Prerequisites: Rogue 1
Benefits:When you wield a shuriken or dart, your weapon damage die increases by one size. When you wield a dagger or punching dagger, you gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls.

Marked. Marked creatures receive a -4 morale penalty to attack rolls and DCs to attacks or harmful abilities that do not include the creature that marked them as a target. A marked creature must be within a number of feet of you equal to twice your speed plus your weapons range to be affected or the mark ends. A creature can only be marked by 1 creature at a time, new marks supersede old ones.