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2008-03-07, 09:51 PM
I'm working on a teen mutant master of metal in a parallel Marvel universe. Basically he is going to be the teen Antagonist to the other characters he is racist hating baseline humans, but unlike magneto is not going to provoke the other side cause it never ends well, basically he has the ability to learn. However he will kill any human he does combat with, he does not believe in mercy for baselines.

Now I'm having issues making his powers because they are complex:

He has to gain physical contact with any metal to gain control of it but once he does it becomes malleable to him. He uses this metal forming it into armor, weapons, tools, and also just about anything he can form and needs. The basic power is Telekinesis flaws of touch range and limited metal only. He should be able to make strike attacks at long range. My real issue is how to deal with him using ranged blast attacks or snares that use up his metal supply.

He has a secondary mutation that is a left over of his mother's (a telepath) powers. He is immune to mind effecting powers unless he wants to be affected by them. In addition to this when some one tries to attack him with a tepatic ability he can counter attack, gaining power over metal power over them. Basically he explains it as he can not open the door but if some one else does it for him he can walk right in. I was thinking this might be some kind of absorption power boosting telepathy and mind control. But I have no idea really.

Well that should be about it I think thanks for any help.

Edit: PL is 10 but don't worry about number of points used.

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2008-03-08, 09:01 PM
Hate to Double post but I've got a rough draft of Metallic (the characters working name):

PL 10 (183 pp)
Str: 14 Dex: 12 Con: 14 Int: 16 Wis: 18 Cha: 16

Toug: +2/+12 Fort: +6 Ref: +6 Will: +4/+15 Mental powers

Skills: Bluff 4 (+7), Computers 6 (+9), Craft (chemical) 8 (+11), Craft (Mechanical) 2 (+5), Diplomacy 8 (+11), Gather Information 4 (+7), Intimidate 12 (+15), Knowledge (Life Sciences) 12 (+15), Knowledge (Art) 2 (+5), Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 2 (+5), Knowledge (Civics) 2 (+5), (current events) 2 (+5), Knowledge (History) 2 (+5), Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 4 (+7), Knowledge (tactics) 6 (+9), Knowledge (Technology) 2 (+5), Medicine 6 (+10), Notice 4 (+8 ), Sense Motive 4 (+8 ).

Feats: Accurate Attack, Benefit (Wealth 2), Improvised Tools, Inspire 2, Leadership, Luck 2, Power Attack, Startle, Well-Informed, Inventor.

Metal Telekinesis 10 (Mutant; Flaws: Limited Metal Only[-1], Range Touch[-1]; Power feat: Extended Reach (5 ft); 6pp).
Metal Form/Control* 13 (Mutant; Flaws: Source Metal; Powers: Additional Limbs 3 [Up to 5 Limbs], Create Object 8 (Metal; Duration Continuous; Powerfeats: Innate, Precise, Progression; Alt powers Deflect 9 [All Ranged, Action +1], Immovable 13 [Unstoppable], Snare 10 [Powerfeats: Teather Reversible], Strike 10 [Penetrating 10; Powerfeats: Extended Reach 1 (5ft), Accurate 2] Blast 10 [Penetrating 3; Accurate 2, Ricochet, Split Attack], Blast 9 [Autofire (+1)]; 31pp), Protection 10 (Impervious 12; 22pp), Elongation 3 (3 pp), Super-Movement 2 (Swinging, Wall-Crawling; 4 pp))
Immunity 11 (Metal, need for sleep; 11pp)
Mind Shield 11 (11pp)
Mind Control 10 (Limited: Can only be used on a Subject that used a Mental Attack first; Alt powers: Telepathy 10 (Limited: See above)

Combat: Attack +6, +10 Strike, +10 Blast
Damage: +10 Strike, +10 Blast
Defense +8
Initiative: +1

*I'm treating Metal control as if it were an Alt form even though Metallic never actually turns into metal himself. Note I only own the main book so I don't know if there is another way to do this or not.

Ok well tear it apart.

2008-03-08, 09:11 PM
I'm pretty sure they have something in UP for just that; I'm away from my books right now, but I think it's called Shape Matter.

2008-03-10, 05:33 AM
I'm pretty sure they have something in UP for just that; I'm away from my books right now, but I think it's called Shape Matter.

I keep saying I need to buy that book thanks for letting me know that there is a power that might suit this better. This just seems a little mess but is the only way I could work it out.

Green Bean
2008-03-10, 06:05 AM
Shape Matter is part of the Core rules too. It's just Transform (Matter into Differently Shaped Matter) for four points/rank. You'd probably flaw it with 'Metal Only' and buy the duration up to Continuous.

In UP there's also an option for a Mental Aura; the same cost and function as a regular Aura, but only applying to mental contact, including mental grapples, mind reading, etc.

Also, isn't Mind Shield kind of pointless when you have your Immunity? :smallconfused:

2008-03-10, 07:38 AM
Also, isn't Mind Shield kind of pointless when you have your Immunity? :smallconfused:

I decided that Mind Shield would be a better option because if the character was completely immune to mental effects at some point word is going to get around and the reactionary power would be pointless as no one would even try.

I'm toying with the idea of making the reactionary Mind control and Telepathy an alt power of Mind Shield to reduce point cost some and also leave him open to mental attack if he is actively attacking anther's mind.