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2008-03-07, 09:53 PM
I'm working on some new gaming stuff mostly for D&D, using my own ideas mixed with historical folktales and monsters
This is something I created, it could be just a monster, but I'd like it to be a player race...
Can't find examples for some reason, so its gonna be sketchy

Imp (also Spawn, Imp-Spawn, Frog-Bats, Ythgan, etc., havent decided on a name)
Small Magical Beast (possibly tiny, they aren't quite as large as a child, but they are bigger than a housecat)
HD 1d6 +1 (Con)(6) (GtH says d10 for magical beasts, but they arent that strong..)
Initiative +2
Speed Land 10 ft, Fly 30 ft (you would think frogs could jump well, but they are slow and the GtH says that gives them a penalty)
AC 14, touch 11, flat-footed 14; (lower?)
Base Attack +1, Grapple -4
Attacks +2 (melee) (1d3-1/2x)
[B]Space 5 ft, Reach 5 ft
Special Attacks (not sure, thinking maybe a spitting poison weapon, maybe, probably not)
Special Qualities Darkvision 60 ft
Saves Fort 4, Reflex 4, Will 0 (seems a little high, or not...)
Abilities Str 9, Dex 13, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 8
Skills Disable Device +5, Open Lock +5 (might be changed to tumble and spot possibly)
Feats Nimble Fingers (+2 bonus on disable device/ open lock) (may change to toughness because they arent supposed to be the disablers in this world, but it does work with their fingers)
Environment Cities
Organization Solitary or Mob 3d4
Alignment Usually CN
Treasure none, unless delivering something
Advancement favored class rogue (or expert, if I use basic classes)

Darkvision (Ex) - Imps can see clearly up to 60 feet in darkness

Jared stepped into the old library. The shelves here were dusty, the books seldom used. It was dirty and few people actually worked there. But there was another reason for people to come to the old library. In the eaves and alcoves roosted the messengers and delivery makers of the city. As Jared passed by shelves to a worn table, one such creature swooped down and landed before him. It was an odd being, more like a toad than anything else. But it's front hands sprouted long fingers and opposable thumbs. It's face was more pointed as well, and it's body shaped differently than that of a usual toad. It was also the size of a dog. But most importantly, the creature bore a pair of large, bat-like wings that even now fluttered in anticipation of flight. The messenger imp gazed up at Jared solemnly and spoke. "What is it you need delivered? I charge the usual payment." it said. Jared pulled out a small brown package from under his robes. "This," he said nervously "I need this delivered to the temple. I will pay the fee." The toad-like imp nodded its head briefly and stretched out its arms. In one hand it grabbed the small package, and in the other it held Jared's left hand. It was still for a moment, then raised the hand to its mouth and bit down. Jared gave and involuntary shudder as the imp sucked the blood out through his fingers. It only lasted for a few seconds and then the creature released his hand back to him. The bite marks the imp had made were already partially closed by its hardening saliva. The imp grinned with pointed teeth, then lept up off the ground and flew off through a nearby window that had no glass. Jared watched it go off over the buildings of the city and sighed.

Imps are intelligent toad-like creatures with large, leathery wings. They have long, nimble fingers and thumbs which allow them to carry things efficiently and sometimes wield small weapons. Imps are the messengers of the world and some are even chosen to become semi-familiars of mages, if paid and willing. They will carry small packages and messages to any destination in the city they live in. They only charge a small fee, which is to be allowed to drink some of the blood of the sender. Imps desperately need fresh blood daily or they will die horribly. Their need is so great that most are content to serve as messengers in the cities. There are a few stories of groups of imps attacking people for blood, but this rarely happens, if ever. Imps are more likely to play malicious pranks on travelers than to seriously hurt them. They often act without regard for laws and regulations. The only true exception to this behavior are blood-paid tasks. Imps obey a strict code that they cannot break free of a service once they have been given blood from the patron. Few, if any, imps attempt to break this code, but those who do are said to be stricken with a terrible curse and, in some tales, die. In the past, groups of imps have been employed as sentries during times of danger or war. Their rogueish skills also make them useful to those who require more illicit services. When attacked, imps usually only fight until they are wounded. After they are hurt, they will usually flee back to their roosts. Imps, though not physically strong, are tough creatures. They are also somewhat nimble.

Player Characters
Attributes: Str -2, Dex +2, Con +2, Cha -2
Favored Class: Rogue

2008-03-08, 05:09 AM
Firstly, namechange to something other than Imp- they're already a type of demon.

I think you might have made a mistake on the saves- a 1HD Magical beast has base saves Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +0, and taking into account ability modifiers this becomes +3, +3, +0.

I think their attack bonus is too high as well; you haven't said they get Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat (which isn't an unreasonable modification), so their attack bonus would be +1 (BAB) +1 (Small Size) -1 (Strength) = +1 (unless I've missed anything).

They'll need a manoeuvrability on their fly speed: see here (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#fly) (I'd suggest average or poor).

You'll need to list what each part of their AC is from; I would suggest having +3 Natural Armour, which with their +1 Dex bonus and +1 Size bonus would give them an AC 15, ff 14, touch 12.

Other than that, they're really quite good. I think a special attack or quality is required to differentiate them mechanically from other creatures, but other than that a very good start.

In terms of CR, at the moment they are probably between 1/2 and 1. A special attack of the right level would push them up to a solid Cr1.