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2008-03-08, 10:56 PM
I am thinking of playing a buff-centric cleric (which I have never done before). What are the best buff spells levels 1-4. I would especially like input on the levels 1 and 2.

Bit of fluff, as with my group it matters: He is Greek inspired, based on Odyssus (only a cleric), and uses his diety's favor to bolster his troops. Unfortunately, he has become lost as a pennance and must now adept these talents to aiding his small group of companions.

He is 5th level, and will probably reach around 8th before the campaign ends.

Obviously, at 4th level, is Divine Power, but what about party wide buffs?

2008-03-08, 11:02 PM
Good party buffs:

Any of the +4 to x stat buffs from 2nd level

Greater Magic Weapon and Magic Vestments. These even scale by level

Death Ward. Because nothing ruins your party like a failed Save vs Death

2008-03-08, 11:34 PM
Let's see... you want to help the troops, so personal spells (such as Divine Power and Divine Favor) are out.

At 1st:
Bless (+1 attack to all allies within a 50 foot burst for 1 minute/level) makes a good 1st level spell for the entire party.
The Protection From [Alignment] spells give some handy defensive bonuses, but have to be applied one at a time.
Magic Weapon (+1 Enhancement) is also a decent one for the party Fighter and Rogue at low levels.
These all have short durations, though.

At 2nd:
Shield Other is a great defensive spell, although it costs the caster a lot.
The Animal Attribute line is also really nifty, but it has a short duration and is single target touch range.
Aid is also a handy single target one.
Resist Energy is situational, but a lifesaver.
Undetectable Alignment is also a lifesaver, but is even more situational.
No good buffs for the entire party at this level, Core.

At 3rd:
Magic Vestments gives everyone you apply it to a bonus to AC for most the day - and it only gets better with level.
The Magic Circle line has a decent duration, and one casting can cover the entire party... if you don't mind bunching up at a level where such things as Fireball are in play....
Prayer is good; it affects the entire party, grants a +1 to basically every roll they'll make, and grants a -1 to basically every roll your opponents will make ... but is only 1/round a level, which means it has to be cast in the middle of a battle.
Protection From Energy is as situational as Resist Energy, but is better short-term coverage.

At 4th:
Air Walk is a Cleric's Fly spell. Longer duration, but a lower speed.
Death Ward (situationally)
Freedom of Movement (situationally)
Imbue With Spell Ability (give your allies the ability to self-heal)
Greater Magic Weapon (Fighter and Rogue can skimp on their enhancement weapon budget, going instead for the +X Equivalent abilities, lasts all day)
Spell Immunity: Very situational, but if you know exactly what you'll be facing, it's perfect.