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Many individuals choose to champion a cause, be it an organization, a deity, or simply an ideal. While most priests, paladins, and other religious folk rally to a single godly being that personifies what they believe in, some instead take the path of the Pantheonic Crusader. He is a shining beacon for religion itself, pursuing the teachings of each individual deity in a pantheon with just as much fervor as its staunchest supporters, and yet at the same time combines them to create a mesh of belief that works as a whole.

HD: d10
Skill Points Per Level: 4 + Intelligence Modifier
Class Skills: Balance, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge (Any), Martial Lore, Ride

BAB: +5
Skills: Knowledge (Religion) 8 ranks, Concentration 1 rank, Diplomacy 1 rank
Feats: Devoted Bulwark
Maneuvers: Able to use at least one maneuver of 3rd level or higher from the Devoted Spirit discipline and at least one stance from the Devoted Spirit discipline.
Special: Must worship at least 10 deities with different portfolios.

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special
+0|Divine Spirit, Spirit of the Pantheon (1 Blessing)
+0|Spirit of the Pantheon (2 Blessings)
+1|Spirit of the Pantheon (3 Blessings)
+1|Spirit of the Pantheon (4 Blessings)
+1|Spirit of the Pantheon (5 Blessings)
+2|Spirit of the Pantheon (6 Blessings)
+2|Spirit of the Pantheon (7 Blessings)
+2|Spirit of the Pantheon (8 Blessings)
+3|Spirit of the Pantheon (9 Blessings)
+3|Spirit of the Pantheon (10 Blessings), Spiritual Duality 1/day

{table="head"]Level|Man. Known|Man. Readied|Stances Known

Maneuvers: At each level, a Pantheonic Crusader gains new maneuvers known from the Devoted Spirit, Stone Dragon, or White Raven disciplines You must meet a maneuver's prerequisite to learn it. You add your full Pantheonic Crusader levels to your initiator level to determine your total initiator level and your highest-level maneuvers known.
At levels 5th and 9th, you gain additional maneuvers readied per day.
At levels 1st and 6th, you gain additional stances known.

Divine Spirit: At 1st level, a Pantheonic Crusader gains the Divine Spirit feat if he does not already have it. In addition, he gains a number of “Divine Charges” per day equal to 3 + his charisma modifier. These charges can be used to activate the Divine Spirit feat as if they were uses of Turn Undead. They do not stack with other sources of Turn/Rebuke Undead, and if the Pantheonic Crusader later gains Turn/Rebuke Undead as a class feature, he permanently loses his Divine Charges. Divine Charges cannot be increased by any effect that would normally increase uses of Turn/Rebuke Undead and they cannot be substituted for Turn/Rebuke Undead in any context other than for use with the feat ‘Divine Spirit’.

Spirit of the Pantheon (Su): At each new level, a Pantheonic Crusader learns to harness the blessings of a specific deity in his Pantheon. Upon gaining the level, he must choose from the following list a single blessing to learn. This choice is permanent when made and cannot be changed. A specific blessing may only be chosen if one of the deities that the Crusader serves has a similar theme or portfolio to the blessing itself. When a deity has been chosen to grant a specific blessing, it cannot be chosen as the benefactor for a second. To activate a blessing, the Crusader need only activate his Divine Spirit feat. When he does so, he chooses one of his blessings known to activate as well, each of which lasts a number of rounds equal to 3 + the Crusader’s charisma modifier. While a blessing is active, a different blessing cannot be activated, and the Crusader’s alignment counts as either their own or the Deity’s whose blessing is currently effecting them (whichever is more beneficial).

Amice of Air- A flowing mantle of gray, tangible wind envelops the Crusader’s upper body, and a rustling breeze fills the surrounding air. The wind does not disrupt the Crusader in any way, but it does block all small projectile weapons, such as arrows, bullets and light thrown weapons, from hitting the Crusader. A one or two-handed weapon sized for a creature of the Crusader’s current size that is used as a thrown weapon against him is allowed a strength check made by the thrower opposed by a charisma check from the Crusader. If the check is successful, the weapon strikes the Crusader, and if not, it is deflected. Larger projectiles, such as ballista bolts or boulders launched from catapults are unhindered by the Amice of Air. Deities of Air, Wind, Storms, or Weather are likely candidates for this blessing.

Arcane Aegis- Mystical runes begin to etch themselves into the Crusader’s equipment, shining with a brilliant purple light that reflects the mysteries concealed within. The Crusader becomes capable of choosing which maneuver(s) he is granted every turn. In addition, he can use the Martial Lore skill in place of Spellcraft for the purposes of identifying spells, and the Knowledge (Religion) skill in place of Knowledge (Arcana). Deities of Knowledge, Magic, or Secrets are likely candidates for this blessing.

Aura of Slaughter- At once, the Crusader’s equipment takes on the appearance of having recently been in a bloody massacre; stained crimson with the drying liquid. His weapon continuously oozes blood, and his eyes begin to shimmer with insanity. The Crusader cannot deal nonlethal damage by any means (his unarmed attacks deal lethal damage), but he automatically confirms all critical hits. In addition, when he deals a critical hit, the victim takes 1d2 points of Constitution damage. This Constitution damage cannot occur more than once per round. Deities of Slaughter, Murder, Destruction, or Madness are likely candidates for this blessing.

Beastial Raiment- Various animalistic totems and talismans appear upon the Crusader, adorning his equipment with a brutal motif of fangs and hide. Whenever the Crusader would provoke an Attack of Opportunity, he may choose to make a DC 15 Intimidate check. If the check succeeds, then the Attack of Opportunity is wasted and does not harm him as all the fury of nature wells up inside the aggressor, causing them to think twice before threatening such a dangerous foe. Deities of Nature or Animals are likely candidates for this blessing.

Bulwark of Fire- The Crusader’s armor and weapon burst into flame and take on the appearance of molten rock. The flames deal no damage to the Crusader, but any non-reach melee attack made against them deals 1d4 fire damage to the one who made the attack. In addition, whenever a melee attack fails to strike the Crusader, searing heat is released from the armor, scorching the attacker for an additional 1d4 fire damage +1 for every 2 class levels. Deities of Fire, Heat, the Desert, or the Sun are likely candidates for this blessing.

Cascading Robe- With a sound like a crashing wave, the Crusader and all of his equipment change appearance to look as if they were composed of water. The Crusader gains damage reduction 3/Bludgeoning and whenever an ally within 30ft takes damage, he may choose to take that damage in their stead. The amount of damage taken is the exact amount that the ally was going to take, and it cannot be mitigated in any way (it does not go to the Crusader’s Steely Resolve damage pool, for instance). Deities of Water, Ice, the Sea, Storms, or Weather are likely candidates for this blessing.

Earthen Regalia- A rumble like an avalanche bellows forth from the Crusader as he, and all of his equipment, take on the appearance of living stone. If an enemy that the Crusader threatens attempts an attack on one of the Crusader’s allies, the Crusader is immediately allowed a special attack of opportunity against them. Unlike normal attacks of opportunity, this may be a normal attack or any Stone Dragon strike that the Crusader currently has ‘granted’ to him. In addition, the Crusader gains a +4 bonus on all opposed checks and saving throws to avoid being moved by an enemy’s effect (such as by a Bull Rush or a spell modified by the Explosive Spell metamagic feat). Deities of Earth, Metalworking, Crafting, or Nature are likely candidates for this blessing.

Mask of Mysteries- With a sound like aggressive silence pressing in upon one’s mind, the Crusader becomes an inky black void flecked with tiny points of distant light like the night’s sky. At the beginning of each opponent’s turn, there is a 50% chance that all knowledge of the Crusader’s existence is briefly withheld from their mind. When choosing their actions for the round, they cannot directly make the Crusader a target for any purpose, though area of effect abilities still effect the Crusader as normal. Attacks of Opportunity against the Crusader during the round still work as normal. If the Crusader has no allies in the current encounter, or if all of his allies are currently unconscious or dead, then this blessing has no effect. Deities of Night, Trickery, Cowardice, Secrets, or Cleverness are likely candidates for this blessing.

Mantle of Command- All wear, tear, wounds, imperfections, or impurities of any kind are removed from the Crusader’s person. His armor becomes stainless and polished, dried blood melts away, scars dissolve; everything is pristine and awe-inspiring. All allies that end their turn within 15ft of the Crusader gain Fast Healing 1 and immunity to fear effects for 1 round. For each round that the Crusader makes at least one successful melee attack against an opponent, the Fast Healing increases by 1. This improvement stacks (so if the Crusader made a successful attack on his first turn, then the healing increases to 2 for the next turn. If he succeeded on his attack next turn, the healing would become 3. If he missed the next turn, it would stay 3. If he succeeds on the next, it becomes 4.) Deities of Valor, Tyranny, Glory, Pride, or Healing are likely candidates for this blessing.

Veil of Death- A ghostly cloak of dark smoke envelops the Crusader as his features become gaunt and pale. The Crusader becomes capable of being healed by negative energy and gains immunity to mundane poison, mundane disease, and death effects. In addition, any negative levels that he gains while effected by the Veil of Death never result in permanent level loss. Deities of Life, Death, or Undeath are likely candidates for this blessing.

Vestments of the World- The surface of the Crusader’s weapon and armor begins to blur as if images of far off places were moving across them at an imperceivable speed. The Crusader gains a Swim, Climb, and Fly speed equal to his current land speed, and is not required to breathe. In addition, he becomes immune to fatigue, exhaustion, nonlethal damage, and sleep effects. He can also understand all spoken languages and his weapon counts as Silver, Cold Iron, Wood, Magic, and Adamantine for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. Deities of travel, freedom, or civilization are likely candidates for this blessing.

Spiritual Duality: A 10th level Pantheonic Crusader has so wholly learned to combine the teachings of many that he can simultaneously become the embodiment of two deity’s wills, even if they are opposed in nature. Once per day, the Crusader can expend an additional use of the Divine Spirit feat (he does not gain extra healing as if he had used it a second time) after the first in order to assume two of his known blessings. The changes in appearance brought about by these two blessings should be mixed and should always be spectacular in nature.


All suggestions or comments are welcome. Also, if anyone has ideas for other portfolios to include blessings for, that would be great, too. (By 'portfolio' I mean stuff like 'travel', 'fire', 'fishermen', or 'cooking'. Stuff that a deity has dominion over.)

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Also, just so it isn't an empty bump, here's a feat for my favorite homebrewed class:

Crusade Undivided
You have a knack for rallying people of different faiths to the same cause.
Prerequisite: Sublime Marshal (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=752414) level 2, Crusade Commander class feature
Benefit: Your Pantheonic Crusader class levels stack with your Sublime Marshal class levels for the purposes of determining your Command Presence bonus.
Special: May work as roleplaying leverage against your Dungeon Master.