View Full Version : New DM running undermountain

2008-03-11, 05:11 AM

our current DM is feeling a bit jaded and we are wrapping up a very good campaign of his fairly soon. i've been volunteered to DM a new campaign. I can't write one myself due to time commitments but i have got the underdark adventure, which i intend to run for them.

they're a fairly resourceful bunch so the dangerous encounters i've read about should be a challenge. and having been a DM for them before, i'm pretty good at generating plotlines on the fly, so with a good knowledge of the undermountain factions i can do that.

in general, my campaigns have fizzled out due to lack of planning, but my one-off sessions have been pretty good fun. have any of the esteemed DMs on the forum got any advice, general or specific to the adventure?