View Full Version : Would this be the place to post a finished world?

2008-03-11, 05:44 PM
I'm new here, but I'm wondering if this would be the place to post a finished world, if say, I was going to run an adventure off of it. I wouldn't ask, except it's for the most part done, and I'd just be posting it so I could direct players to it.

Note: I'm not going to post it imminently, I'm just asking so I know if I do end up doing it. I'm not sure whether this is the right place.

2008-03-11, 05:52 PM
This would be the place to post a finished world if you wanted feedback on it, or if you wanted to present it as a "product" of sorts. If you were posting it with the intention of running a game in the thread, it would belong in the Play By Post board. Sounds like the former rather than the latter to me by what you've said, but that's the general guideline as I understand them.

2008-03-11, 06:19 PM
It'd be the information on the world that I'm putting out there for the players to know. History, technology, astrography, and such. Races, weapons, currencies, etc. I think it's done, short of minor tweakings that mind become needed once it's being played.

2008-03-11, 06:45 PM
If it's for personal usage, it might be better suited being hosted on a personal site, rather than posted to a message board. If you post it here, expect comments, questions, and critiques.