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2008-03-12, 02:11 PM
I have a question and would appreciate any help from anyone who might know.

I could have sworn that Dragon Magazine had an article in it that added new dragons to the Council of Wyrms setting. Unfortunately I can't for the life of me remember which issue it was. Does anybody know so I know what I'm looking for.

Much appreciated

Evil James

2008-03-12, 08:25 PM
Issue #205 Web search Dragon Magazine Council of Wyrms along with issue #318.

I also found this link which might be useful for Dragon Magazine:


2008-03-12, 10:16 PM
Thanks, but the one I'm looking for added the other dragons in the Monster Manuel to the council of Wyrms. I fairly certain that I saw it years ago at the Library in town, but they've long since lost all the back issues.

The dragon slayer kit in 205 is pretty cool looking though

2008-03-12, 10:26 PM

Dragon #206

2008-03-12, 10:30 PM
Closer, but still not quite the one I'm looking for. I think it was called "Dragons of the East", or "The Eastern Dragons" or something like that. (not to be confused with the long running FR articles "Dragons of the North")

Titanium Dragon
2008-03-12, 11:07 PM
Oh man, someone else played that campaign setting? oo Awesome.

Unfortunately, I'm completely unhelpful.

2008-03-13, 05:30 PM
That's cool, I'm actually trying to find this for my girfriend as she owns the setting and would be running it.

2008-03-13, 05:31 PM
Whoops! double Post