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Admiral Squish
2008-03-13, 12:48 AM
Okay, the other day my friends and I were rolling up for a new, vaguely seat-of-the-pants eberron campaign. Here's the lineup:

Changeling CN Ninja 5/ Dread Pirate 2 (Yes, she's new, how'd you guess?)
Lizardfolk NG Fighter2/ Barbarian 3 (Me!)
Warforged LG Warmage 7 (An [probably] NPC.)

And when we were rolling for wondrous items, they were nearly exclusively sea-based. Folding boat, cloak of the manta ray, gloves of swimming and climbing, coupled with The Weeping Drake, her requisite ship for the class (I even made her a one-shot to steal it from Wesley Roberts, Dread Pirate.). I can hold my breath for eighty rounds at a time, the warforged doesn't need to breathe, and she's got the cloak to work with. Problem is, we don't own the stormwrack book, or anything specifically related to oceans or sea adventuring. Basically, we're working with the SRD and creativity in terms of encounters. We're starting at the hilt of the Dagger River in Breland. Any adventure tips?

2008-03-13, 05:54 AM
Considering that my last Eberron campaign turned into a pirate campaign when my players mutinied and took over their airship... :smallamused:

Anyway, a treasure hunt is always a good goal for pirates. They obtain a treasure map from some place, which takes them to Xen'drik across the Thunder Sea. The map could be introduced in any number of ways; maybe they find it on a merchant ship after boarding it.

They can meet rival pirates, sahuagin, forces from the Dragonmarked Houses to stop their piratical actions, etc. The Lhazaar Principalities are home to plenty of pirates, and maybe they are forced to retreat there by something or someone, and then get caught up in a war while they're there.

House Cannith might have deveoped some sort of ship-related upgrade which would greatly benefit them, and is just begging to be stolen.

If they ever get captured by the law, there is potential for a jailbreak scenario.

Hope that helps! :smallsmile:

2008-03-13, 01:55 PM
They will need to be Privateers with a writ of Marquee, otherwise the LG Warmage might have a problem with Pirating.

Admiral Squish
2008-03-13, 04:35 PM
The warmage is stuffy, orderly, and abhors meaningless violence, but is largely apathetic to the laws of the land.

Now that I think about it, she'll probably want to upgrade to an airship once she realizes they have those in eberron...

Thanks for the help, though! Any other ideas?