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2008-03-13, 08:37 AM
-Small Humanoid
-+2 Dex, -2 Con
-Archery training: +2 racial bonus on all attacks with straight bows.
-Superior low-light vision: Warrows can see 4 times as far as normal humanoids in dim light.
-+2 racial bonus to all Move Silently, Hide, and Tumble checks.
-Darkvision 240ft. Additionally, a warrow can see 30ft through magical darkness.
-Favored class: Thornwalker or Ranger or Scout

Warrows are small, halfling sized humanoids that are almost like elves during their younger years, in reference to their dexterity and bodily proportions. They are trained to become the ultimate archers since warrow are not excatly an intimidating sight when fought in melee. The young male warrow (buccaroes) are trained to serve two years as a Thornwalker to protect their homeland.


Thornwalkers are the elite archers of the warrow race. They can hit nearly any target at any distance and are terrifying when attacking in large numbers.

Full BAB progression and 4+INT modifier skill points per level

Class skills: Move Silently, Tumble, Hide, Listen, Spot

Thornwalkers gain proficiency with all martial and simple ranged weapons and one exotic weapon. Thornwalkers gain proficiency only with simple melee weapons. Thornwalkers also have proficiency with light and medium armors and no shields.

{table=header]Level | Base Attack Bonus | Fortitude Save | Reflex Save | Will Save | Special
1|+1|+0|+1|+0|Aimed Shot, Weapon Focus
2|+2|+1|+2|+1|Rain of Arrows
3|+3|+1|+2|+1|Multi-Weapon Mastery, Evasion
4|+4|+2|+3|+2|Practiced Bowman, Bonus Feat
5|+5|+2|+4|+2|Ranged Mastery, Weapon Specialization
7|+7|+3|+5|+3|Defensive Archer
8|+8|+4|+6|+4|Weapon Mastery Feat, Bonus Feat
9|+9|+4|+7|+4|Devastating Shot
10|+10|+5|+8|+5|Improved Defensive Archer
11|+11|+5|+8|+5|Reaction Shot
12|+12|+6|+9|+6|Improved Evasion, Bonus Feat
13|+13|+6|+10|+6|Improved Reaction Shot
14|+14|+7|+11|+7|Felling Shot
15|+15|+7|+11|+7|Bonus Feat
16|+16|+8|+12|+8|Improved Devastating Shot
17|+17|+8|+13|+8|Greater Reaction Shot
18|+18|+9|+14|+9|Hawk Strike
19|+19|+9|+14|+9|Deadly Missiles
20|+20|+10|+15|+10|Bird's Eye View, Bonus Feat


Class Abilities

-Aimed Shot: single attack with bonus equal to highest attack bonus +1/2 Thornwalker level

-Weapon Focus

-Rain of Arrows
o Starting at level 2 and every 3 levels after, a Thornwalker can fire an additional arrow per round at the current lowest attack bonus. (2 extra arrows at level 5, 3 at 8, 4 at 12, 5 at 15, 6 at 18) This ability may be used in conjunction with the rapid shot feat.

-Multi-Weapon Mastery
o At 3rd level you gain the ability to switch specialization of weapons for more flexibility. By spending 1 hour practicing with the new weapon, you may change all weapon-specific feats such as weapon focus from one weapon to apply to the new one.


-Practiced Bowman
o Whenever you make a ranged attack you are allowed to add you dexterity modifier to the damage.

-Bonus Feats drawn from the fighterís feat list

-Ranged Mastery
o Whenever a Thornwalker uses a full round action to make a single attack the penalties due to range are reduced by half.

-Weapon Specialization


-Defensive Archer
o At 7th level, you may make attacks of opportunity with a ranged weapon and does not provoke attacks of opportunity when using a ranged weapon while threatened. In addition, if you have a ranged weapon that cannot make melee attacks (such as with a bow or crossbow) you may make melee attacks with it at no penalty, it is considered a club for all purposes and you are proficient with it.

-Weapon Mastery feat gained

-Devastating shot
o At 9th level you may choose to subtract a number from your attack with a ranged weapon that is no more than your base attack bonus to gain a bonus to damage equal to that number

-Improved Defensive Archer
o At 10th level, you are considered to threaten all squares within 15ft when wielding a ranged weapon with a range increment of at least 15 feet.

-Reaction Shot
o At 11th level, you may make a ranged attack as a swift action with a -5 penalty to the attack

-Improved Evasion

-Improved Reaction Shot
o At 13th level, your Reaction Shot improves so that the attack only suffers a -2 penalty

-Felling Shot
o At 14th level, whenever you take a full round action to make a single ranged attack and it hits, the target make a Fortitude save DC 10 + Ĺ your class level + your dexterity modifier or take double damage. Creatures immune to critical hits do not take double damage

-Improved Devastating Shot
o At 16th level whenever you use your Devastating Shot ability, double the bonus damage gained

-Greater Reaction Shot
o When an attack of opportunity is allowed during a combat action (grappling, bull rushing, charging into threatened spaces), and the action is directed at the Thornwalker, the Thornwalker may make a ranged attack as a reaction to disrupt the attack at a -2 penalty to attack rolls.

-Hawk Strike
o A Thornwalker may spend two rounds (one for study and one for the single attack) to fire a single attack that will deal an automatic critical hit (except vs. those with immunity to critical hits) at up to double range. However if the target decides to move during the second round, and before the Thornwalker, then the Thornwalker must succeed on a Sense Motive check of 15 to predict the direction of the targetís travel.

-Deadly Missiles
o At 19th level, your ranged weapons are considered one size larger for determining damage and are considered adamantine for overcoming damage reduction and dealing damage to objects

-Birdís Eye View
o At twentieth level a Thornwalker may chose to ignore all but total concealment when making ranged attacks. Also if the Thornwalker has the Blind-Fight feat the Thornwalker may fire into areas that he cannot see based on sound. The Thornwalker must know that a target is in the unknown area before his round begins.
There you have it, thanks to Lord Tataraus for the Hawk-Eye Sniper class used as a base for the Thornwalker.

Thoughts? Ideas? Other fans of the literature?