View Full Version : PEACH ; Alternate Divine Template

2008-03-13, 11:07 PM
Armor class change: tiny change, but significant, maybe the armor class bonus should be something like + 1 per divine rank + 1 extra armor class bonus per status.

Like, a divine rank 6 getting a +8 divine bonus, instead of the divine bonus to AC just being purely based on divine rank. Are you with me?

I was also thinking, how about a natural armor class bonus = to half of the deities hit dice, + the constitution modifier.
+, of course, dexterity modifier.

All of this = the armor class.

Still with me?

O.k... I'm a fan of characters with more than 5 divine ranks being plot devices, so for my Alter Reality SDA, I have it being the same. Also, I think it makes sense that the Arcane Mastery SDA, if combined with the Alter Reality SDA, should ensure that the Alter Reality SDA be able to duplicate any non-epic spell. Also, I'm of the opinion all deities possess Alter Reality. I suppose it to be perfectly reasonable for a deity to automaticaly perform an epic feat, whether it be from a spell casting class, or a non-spell casting class, per divine rank, + 1 per god status.

So, the last rule I want for now relating to deities are special rules for Pantheon Leaders. I think Pantheon Leaders are more unique than most other gods, so for them, I propose that Pantheon Leaders possess an added + 5 salient divine abilities(SDA's), just as if they are of one higher deity status than a greater god(but not treated as an Over Power.) Pantheon Leaders also receive attribute bonuses to ALL of their attributes = to their Divine Rank.

I would appreciate honest, but constructive criticism please.