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2008-03-15, 12:44 AM
Thousand Hands (General)
A practitioner trained in this technique utilizes rapid extension and retraction of his weapon in dazzlingly fast strikes and thrusts, all the while spinning and tumbling skillfully from one point of assault to the next.

Prerequisites: Dex 19, Int 15, Balance 13 ranks, Bluff 13 ranks, Tumble 13 ranks, Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes, Improved Feint, base attack bonus +10, base reflex save +7

Benefit: The practitioner can attempt a special feint action as a Swift action every round against the opponents that the practitioner threatens. Those foes who fail their Sense Motive check are not denied their Dexterity modifier as usual, but against those foes, the practitioner now gains a bonus to attack and damage equal to one quarter of his Hit Dice.

Special: This feat functions only in light or no armor, with light encumbrance.

(ok. here's the deal. i am considering scrapping the 2-handed prereq and putting something more intrinsically related in, just haven't figured out what yet. obviously it could still be used 2-handed, but i think instead of making that the working qualifier, i would use whatever feat i replace it with, or say you have to take at least a 2-point penalty to attack on the combat expertise in order for the feat to work.

the other thought was to just scrap this incarnation of the feat an make it a tactical. but then i would have to think of two other, related abilities)

consider it scrapped. i couldn't figure out a way to balance 2-weapon vs single-weapon, and didn't want to leave single-weapon styles out. then i also realized that combat reflexes is pretty much up the same alley, fluff-wise, as this feat, so i added it to the prereqs.

your queue.

2008-03-16, 12:58 PM
bump. *Clears throat* your queue...

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2008-03-16, 04:13 PM
It looks good. It gives a boost to TWF that it desperately needs. Seems to be a pretty balanced feat.

Magnor Criol
2008-03-16, 08:28 PM
Perhaps instead of completely removing the TWF component, simply make it more effective with TWF. For instance, maybe wielding two weapons gives them some sort of bonus to their Bluff check.

2008-03-17, 01:05 AM
not a bad idea.
lemme ponder this a little.

2008-03-20, 01:56 PM
edited, see above.