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2008-03-15, 10:17 AM
So, there's a feat in Champions of Valor called carmendine monk. Requires int 13 and some fluff about membership in a specific group.

Lets you use INT instead of WIS for AC and the DCs of stunning fist and quivering palm. Also get to raise effective level of eith unarmed damage,ac bonus or speed bonus by 2 each day.

If one were to create a similar feat called Carmendine Swordsage, which of these seems most reasonable.

A. Uses INT for AC; all other wisdom based effects are still wisdom based
B. Uses INT for AC and insightful strikes; all other wisdom based effects are still wisdom based
C. Uses INT for AC and wisdom based maneuver DCs (only relevant for shadow hand and desert wind); all other wisdom based effects are still wisdom based
D. Uses INT for AC, insightful strikes and wisdom based maneuver DCs
E. I wouldn't create it

2008-03-15, 10:25 AM
D. I'd actually change Charisma to the Warblade's primary stat, too; I find it ridiculous that a quasi-magical sword-historian who searches for the truth uses Wisdom instead of Intelligence, and a "Sword-Prince" who exults recklessly in battle is expected to be a master tactician and genius-level intellect.

Plus, Swordsage has a vast amount of skills, and Warblade does not. It'd reduce MAD.

2008-03-15, 01:06 PM
D best captures the spirit of Carmendine monk but I wasn't sure if people would tone it down for swordsages

2008-03-15, 01:11 PM
D is just fine; keep the ability Carmendine Monk gives to boost your effective level for damage and you're good to go. Seriously, I think it should just key everything that's keyed off Wisdom off Intelligence; I suppose D does list it all though. But that's what it does for Monk too.