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2008-03-17, 12:45 AM
I need something that will allow somebody to impersonate another in looks. Is there a good item for this? Something that will work perfectly, even to the intimate, so not just a disguise bonus. Is there an easy item or ability I can use for this? Preferably very low level?

2008-03-17, 01:25 AM
Potion of disguise self?

EDIT: My bad, that doesn't work. Disguise self can't be made a potion due to its long casting time.

EDIT again: Use a hat of disguise. It costs 1800 GP. There is no low-level item that allows that. The alter self spell could work.

2008-03-17, 01:29 AM
Hat of disguise works REALLY well, all things considered--and is only 1800 gold. Really, there's nothing that would work perfectly.

Edit: Ninja'd by Aslan's edit. :smallsigh:

2008-03-17, 07:26 AM
Disguise self does imitate looks perfectly. The reason you just get a bonus to Disguise checks is that it's not enough to look like someone - you have to act like them, too, and it's really hard to fool people who know that person.

That said, be a greater doppelganger. Kill the victim, eat their brains, steal their mind, and become like them in outward appearance. Flawless victory!

2008-03-17, 09:39 AM
I think there's also a skill trick in Complete Scoundrel that lets you nullify the bonuses that people familiar with the target get against your disguise.