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2008-03-17, 11:14 AM
I was trying to think up a variant lich for a campaign I'm running (futuristic psipunk, with nanotechnology and everything), so I pondered the idea of instead of an undead, a sentient hologram borne from the memory of the psion who crafted it (obviously, their psyche would have to be transferred, killing them, but you know.)

I'm having trouble working out the abilities, though. So far I have (apologies for the lack of formatting):

Artif Nessuan - A Holopath obsessed with his perpetual youthfulness. The Mirror is his core.

Creating a Holopath

"Holopathic" is an acquired template that can be added to any creature with a manifester level of 11 or above.

Hit Dice: All current and future hit dice change to d10s. Holopaths gain bonus hit points based on size.

Size and Type: Type changes to Construct (incorporeal, psionic)

Special Attacks: A holopath retains all attacks of the base creature plus the following attacks.

Flood Node (Ps): By flooding their holopathic node with psionic energy as a full round action, a holopath can cause a massive psychic explosion which causes 2d6xML damage to all creatures within 100ft, at the expense of it's life (effectively killing the active holopath). This is a mind-affecting ability.

Possess Construct (Su): A Holopath can possess a construct as the spell magic jar (ML equal to the Holopath's hit dice), except it can only affect constructs, and the holopath must be sharing a square with the creature it wants to possess.

Special Qualities: A holopath retains all qualities of the base creature plus the following qualities.

Hard Light (Su): A Holopath can hold one object in it's hands as if it had the ghost touch property. This does not extend to worn items, which must have the ghost touch property applied to them individually.

Node Reformation (Ex): The form of a Holopath is not it's true body. The active mind of a holopath is stored within an external core, similar to a Lich's phylactery. If a holopath's form is destroyed, it is reformed 1d10 days later by the core at the core's exact location. Destroying the core while the holopath is active causes the holopath's active body to become incredibly unstable, and unless the core is repaired the Holopath exists for 1d4 rounds and thereafter is destroyed.

Abilities: A Holopath has the following ability adjustments - Dex +2, Int +2. As incorporeal constructs, Holopaths do not possess strength or constitution scores.

Skills: A holopath has a +4 racial bonus on Spot, Listen, Autohypnosis and Disable Device checks. As an incorporeal creature, a holopath can choose to Move Silently as it does not make a sound unless it chooses to.
Challenge Rating: ??
Level Adjustment: ??

Any suggestions/criticism for the idea? I got the fluff, (but as my USB stick isn't working at college, I can't access it D:) I just need help crunching it up.

Once again, apologies for the roughness of it at the moment. I just like to make things work before making them pretty.