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2008-03-17, 10:46 PM
Herculean Warrior
HD: d12
Feats: Power Attack, Improved Unarmed Strike, Endurance, Natural Heavyweight.
BAB: 7+.
Special: Character must have performed a great feat of physical prowess of near Herculean standards (lifted up a boulder and thrown it, survived a fall of maximum velocity, run several days without stopping to rest, defeated a hydra or similar monster single-handedly, etc.).
Skill Points: 4 + Int modifier
Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Intimidate, Jump, Profession, Survival, Swim.

{table="head"]Level | BAB | Fort | Ref | Will | Special
1st | +1 | +2 | +0 | +0 | Ability boost (+2 Str), great strength, feat of strength
2nd | +2 | +3 | +0 | +0 | Bonus feat
3rd | +3 | +3 | +1 | +1 | Feat of strength
4th | +4 | +4 | +1 | +1 | Bonus feat
5th | +5 | +4 | +1 | +1 | Ability boost (+2 Str), feat of strength
6th | +6 | +5 | +2 | +2 | Bonus feat
7th | +7 | +5 | +2 | +2 | Feat of strength
8th | +8 | +6 | +2 | +2 | Bonus feat
9th | +9 | +6 | +3 | +3 | Ability boost (+2 Str), feat of strength
10th | +10 | +7 | +3 | +3 | Bonus feat

Ability Boost
Character gains a bonus to the listed ability score as if through level enhancement as listed on the table (+2 at 1st level, +4 total at 5th level, and +6 total at 9th level).

Great Strength
Character gains a bonus to all Strength- and Constitution-based ability checks equal to their Herculean Warrior level.

Bonus Feat
At 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, and 10th level a Herculean Warrior gains a bonus feat from the following list, provided they meet the prerequisites:
Athletic, Clever Wrestling, Great Fortitude, Greater Rapid Healing, Improved Grapple, Improved Natural Armor, Improved Natural Attack, Improved Rapid Healing, Improved Toughness, Iron Will, Rapid Healing, Run, Second Wind, Stamina, Steadfast Determination, Steadfast Resilience, Toughness.

Feat of Strength
Character gains one of the following abilities of choice at 1st level and another at 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th level.

Damage Reduction: Requires Con 15. Character gains damage reduction 1/-. This can be taken multiple times, its effects stack. Each time it is taken its Con requirement increases by 2.

Fast Movement: Character increases their base land speed by 10 feet.

Feat of Strength, True: Once per day the character can add a bonus to their Strength score equal to twice their Herculean Warrior level for one round. This ability can be taken multiple times, adding an additional use of this ability each time it is taken.

Great Athletics: Character doubles the normal distance in feet they move when making a Jump, Climb, or Swim check. Also, the character may take 10 with all these skills even when threatened or endangered.

Great Leap: Character always makes Jump checks as if they were running and had the Run feat, enabling them to make long jumps without a running start and granting a +4 bonus on the jump. This ability can only be used if they are wearing light or no armor and carrying no more than a light load.

Greater Strength: Character doubles their bonus from the Great Strength ability.

Growth: Character can grow in size by one category once per day for a number of rounds equal to their Herculean Warrior level. They gain a temporary +4 bonus to Strength, +2 bonus to Constitution, +1 bonus to natural armor, -1 size penalty to attack roll and AC, -4 size penalty to Hide checks, and treat all their equipment as one size larger so long as it remains on their person. A character may select this ability multiple times gaining an extra use per day.

Growth, Greater: Requires Growth. Character improves their growth benefits by +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, and +1 natural armor.

Leap of the Heavens: Requires Great Athletics and Great Leap. Character can use the Charge and Run maneuvers to determine distance moved when jumping. Character takes no falling damage from their own jumps, but does deal damage to any object or creature they land on when reaching the end of their jump as if they were a falling object (see Falling Objects). To successfully land on a creature requires a normal unarmed attack roll although the character gains a +2 bonus if they charge (as normal) and +2 bonus for having the high ground (jumping more than 10 feet).

Powerful Build: Whenever the character is subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check (such as during grapple checks, bull rush attempts, and trip attempts), the character is treated as one size larger if doing so is advantageous to them. The character is also considered to be one size larger when determining whether a creature’s special attacks based on size (such as improved grab or swallow whole) can affect them. A character can use weapons designed for a creature one size larger without penalty. However, the character's space and reach remain those of a creature of their actual size. The benefits of this racial trait stack with the effects of powers, abilities, and spells that change the subject’s size category.

Rage: Character can rage once per day as a 1st-level barbarian. If the character already has levels of barbarian, this merely adds one extra use per day. A character may select this ability multiple times gaining an extra use per day each time.

Rage, Greater: Requires Rage. Character improves their rage benefits by +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, and +1 Will.

Shattering Blow: Character deals double damage against objects when using a melee attack.

Stomp: Character can stomp on the ground as a standard action. All creatures within a number of feet equal to 5 x character's Strength modifier (minimum 5 feet, max 80 feet) must make a Reflex save DC10 + class level + Strength modifier or fall to the ground prone.

Stomp, Greater: Requires Stomp. As a full-round action the character can use the earthquake spell as an extraordinary ability. The earthquake radius must be centered on the character, although the character is immune to their own use of this ability. After using this ability the character becomes fatigued for the remainder of the encounter. A character cannot use this ability while fatigued.

Stunning Blow: Character gains the Stunning Strike feat without having to meet the prerequisites and treats their Herculean Warrior levels as Monk levels for this feat and uses thier Strength modifier to the DC instead of their Wisdom modifier.

Rapid Healing [general]
Prerequisite: Con 13, Faster Healing, Fort +3.
Benefit: Character heals 3 points of lethal damage every hour and removes 3 points of nonlethal damage every hour. This is in addition to normal healing.

Rapid Healing, Improved [general]
Prerequisite: Con 17, Rapid Healing, Faster Healing, Fort +5.
Benefit: The benefits of the Rapid Healing feat now apply by the minute instead of by the hour.

Rapid Healing, Greater [general]
Prerequisite: Con 21, Improved Rapid Healing, Rapid Healing, Faster Healing, Fort +7.
Benefit: The benefits of the Rapid Healing feat now apply by the round instead of by the minute.

Second Wind [general]
Prerequisite: Iron Will or Great Fortitude.
Benefit: Once per day as a move action a character can recover lost hit points as if they had rested for the night. If the character has nonlethal damage, they also lose an amount of nonlethal damage equal to the amount of lost hit points they regain.
Special: This feat can be taken multiple times. Each time it is taken it adds an additional use per day.

Stamina [general]
Prerequisite: Endurance.
Benefit: Character is not automatically knocked unconscious when their nonlethal damage equals or exceeds their current hit points. Instead, they remain staggered and make a Constitution check every round DC15 + number of rounds their nonlethal damage has exceeded their current hit points. Once the character fails one of these Constitution checks they fall unconscious.

Steadfast Resilience [general]
Prerequisite: Lightning Reflexes.
Benefit: This feat works just like Steadfast Determination except it functions for Reflex Saves instead of Will saves.

2008-03-17, 11:08 PM
I like it. Here's just a few things.

For the requirements, I would almost consider dropping Endurance and Diehard. They make sense thematically, but they're not that great in general and you're already requiring four other feats (including the nigh-useless Toughness). If anything, maybe just drop it down to Endurance.

A total of +6 Str seems sort of weird. Maybe add in another one (so a +2 bonus at 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th, or something). That's just personal preference though - it's okay as it is.

You need skill points per level and class skills. Probably 2+Int or 4+Int per level, and the same skills as a Fighter, though maybe a couple others, unless you had something different in mind.

For the bonus feats, the list seems kind of narrow. I don't really know what else you could add, but more options can't be bad, especially for melee types.

For several feats of strength, you should clarify something. Some have obvious prerequisites that you didn't mention (stomp for greater stomp, growth for greater growth, etc.), and some just need some rewording to prevent potential abuse. For instance, you should just word Powerful Build as Half-Giant racial ability (http://systemreferencedocuments.org/35/sovelior_sage/psionicRaces.html), so that you make sure it only stacks with things that actually change your size category (Powerful Build and Monkey Grip do not stack! :smalltongue: ).

For Leap of the Heavens, why not just say they get the feat of the same name (i.e., all standing jumps are treated as running jumps, and you get a small bonus to Jump checks if you do run). That seems simpler, especially since D&D doesn't use yards as a unit of measurement anyway.

I really like the feats, but I sort of think Second Wind could do with another prerequisite or so, something like Con 15+.

2008-03-17, 11:27 PM
A couple things:
1) some feats already exist: Natural Heavyweight (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/feats.pl?Natural_Heavyweight,all)=Heavyweight, Faster Healing (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/feats.pl?Faster_Healing,all)=Improved Recovery, Remain Conscious (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/feats.pl?Remain_Conscious,all)=stamina, and Steadfast Determination (http://realmshelps.dandello.net/cgi-bin/feats.pl?Steadfast_Determination,all)=Toughened Will.

2) needs skills. I recommend just taking the fighter list @2+int per level, minus some weird ones like ride.

3) looks decent, my brain isn't fully functional right now, so I shall go more in depth later.

2008-03-19, 10:06 PM
Woops. Thanks for pointing that out. Skills added.

Actually Remain Conscious is the same as Diehard, not Stamina. I was focusing more on nonlethal damage.

The others have been refit though. Thanks for the advice.

Leap of the Heavens has been altered and Great Leap has been added. What do you think? Any better?

Powerful Build edited.

More bonus feats added, but I'd like the list to remain small. It is a very focused class after all. I figure +6 Str is fine since the character is expected to be strong to begin with.

2008-03-20, 12:20 AM
handle animal but not ride?

2008-03-20, 12:52 AM
For the skills, consider adding Craft and Profession (since basically everyone gets them anyway), as well as maybe Ride (I mean, why not?), Diplomacy, and Intimidate.

2008-03-20, 08:19 AM
Good ideas. Skills added, except for Ride and Diplomacy. A warrior can handle a creature but isn't really meant to ride one and doesn't waste time with politics and babble. A Herculean warrior faces his foes face to face with his bare hands if he has to, none of that mount crap weaker heroes resort to. Only ones own pure physical prowess matters.