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2008-03-19, 01:37 AM
So I was thinking about a new character to play and decided I wanted to play a gish. I found an interesting feat called Ascetic Mage in Complete Adventurer that basically mixes monks with sorcerers. Me being strange/crazy, my mind locked onto this concept and won't let it go. My issue now is to try to create a progression for a character using this feat to mix sorcerer and monk that isn't totally gimped. I'm not really asking about a build here, but a progression. What can I do to make this mix a meaningful contributer from first level on with as few low-points as possible. How should such a character be played to be affective? What spells are most useful to a monk/sorcerer? I'm not asking for a power-gaming character, but just one that can do its job. When I've been thinking about it, my issues arise with the levels before you can get the feat, before your defense bonus can jump over to charisma. So, any suggestions?

Iku Rex
2008-03-19, 01:39 AM
Books available?

2008-03-19, 01:52 AM
Sorcerer5/Monk1/Sorcerer1/Enlightened Fist 10

You'll be a perfectly serviceable Sorcerer for 5 levels, take the 1 level of monk and grab the Ascetic Mage feat, one more sorcerer level, then go for the Enlightened Fist PrC in Complete Arcana, which has a 8/10 spell progression, monk abilities and comes with some proto-Duskblade channelling abilities. Levels 1-5 are fluid, though I suggest grabbing Practiced Spellcaster (CArc again) so you keep your caster level up high.

Spells to keep ready would be Eagle's Splendor (+2 to spell DC and AC thanks to the feat? Hell yeah) and Mage Armor since it'll stack with your charisma to AC thing.

best of luck

2008-03-19, 01:53 AM
Books available?

Whatever's needed. Just nothing too obscure please.

2008-03-19, 02:23 AM
This thread (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=365456) should be about perfect for you.

Reel On, Love
2008-03-19, 02:39 AM
You will have to deal with really sucking at first.

Don't forget Abjurant Champion later. It'll be a lifesaver.

Kurald Galain
2008-03-19, 04:14 AM
Just because someone had to say it...

Sorcerer / Unarmed Swordsage / Jade Phoenix Mage.


2008-03-19, 06:40 AM
Just because someone had to say it...

Sorcerer / Unarmed Swordsage / Jade Phoenix Mage.


Oh, yeah!


2008-03-19, 08:23 PM
Question: One of the benefits of Ascetic mage is that it allows you to sacrifice a spell slot in exchange for the spell's level in attack and damage bonus. This is almost identical to the function of Arcane Strike in Complete Warrior, except Arcane strike adds 1d4 damage per spell level instead of only one. How do these two feats interact with each other? Is taking both a great boon, or just redundant?

Paul H
2008-03-19, 10:11 PM

Been looking at Warmage4/Monk1/Enlightenedxx Fist for some time. Not for some Gish build, just for the D8 HP for Warmage. Spells like Fire Shield (3rd for Warmages) useful for monks. Chill touch & Shocking Grasp both excellent spells for Arcane Fist ability.

Warmages knowing their entire spell list also helps.

Duskblade is good bet since not only do you get full BAB & spells, but Combat Casting as free feat.

Paul H

2008-03-19, 10:40 PM
Problem with warmage: not a good gish lead in at all. As a sorcerer you can take Greater Magic Weapon, Greater Mighty Whallop, Shield, Mage Armor, Bite of the Wear Bear, Arcane Fusion (get those buffs off quick like) and greater arcane fusion, Otto's Irresistable Dance, Superior (and Greater) Invisibility, and a bunch I can't remember right now. Displacement and Greater Blink as well. Also, sorcerers can get those spells if they really wanted to. Not that they would, these spells would probably be better bets. My preferred build: monk 2/sorc 3/Elnightened Fist 10/Abjurant Chapion 5. Take the CChamp ACF for sorcerers, getting a massive deflection bonus and resistance bonus to AC and saves. Now, you aren't going to be good until at least level 6. Maybe level 9. Depends on what feats you need (combat casting, wp finesse, Ascetic Mage, Practiced Caster, Force of Personality, and maybe a few more, flaws help a lot). Also, you'll be basically a weaker melee character until you can start using your buffs to a good advantage. Either that or a near useless spell caster. And until you get the feat (level 3 earliest I believe: monk 2/sorc 1?) you will have a terrible AC and normal monk stuff.

EDIT: Extend and persist spell at later levels for easy buffing. Persist that shield, GMWha and Wea will last all day, so will Greater Mage Armor, Greater Arcane Fusion can let you cast BotWB and a level 4 or lower spell as a standard action, and a swift action to activate you Divine Companion's shielding ability. If you take Arcane Disciple (war), you can add Divine Power to your spells known, and then on the first round: AF BotWB and Divine Power for pain.

Galdor Miriel
2008-03-20, 10:25 AM
Must have gish spell is wraithstrike, take a full attack action with touch attacks and flurry of blows that actually connect on your target. You could even add power attack to the mix then you might do some real damage with twf and flurry of blows.

The heart spells from complete mage would be really useful for you as well, as they make your movement even better, give some useful bonuses and can be dropped as immediate actions for things like stoneskin etc. Check them out.