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Hunter Noventa
2008-03-20, 01:41 PM
So here I am, plotting for a game where I would be using a Variant Factotoum (The Martial Factotum Presented here in fact) and it hit me, why not make variants facotus for all the major types of abilities? Why Limit them to arcane magic? It isn't that hard to swap it out for Divine Magic, Druidic Magic, or even Psionics! So without further ado, here's my take on five Variants for the wonderfully Versatile Factotum Class!

Variant 1- Psionic Factotum
Variant 2- Martial Factotum
Variant 3- Divine Factotum
Variant 4- Wild Factotum
Variant 5- Invoking Factotoum aka 'Locktotum'
Appendix- New Factotum Feats

Psionic Factotum

At 2nd Level your inner psionic abilities begin to manifest. They are
somewhat random and ill-refined, but imensely useful to you nonetheless.
Each day you may choose a number of Powers from the Psion list to use,
using the same levels and quantity as a standard Factotum's arcane
abilities. You cannot pick Psionic Abilities availble only to one
discipline. You cast these abilities as Psi-Like Abilities, like with
Arcane Diletante. However, unlike normal Psi-Like abilities, your abilities
cost power points, but can be used so long as you can fuel them.

A Factotum gains a number of Power Points equal to his Factotum level. In
addition, the Factotum gains bonus power points based on his Intelligence.
A Factotum's Manifester level for their Psi-Like abilities is equal to his
Factotum level.

It costs one inspiration point to manifest a Psi-Like ability, in addition
to whatever Power Point cost is accrued. A Factotum may augment their
Psi-Like abilities as a normal manifester.


Martial Factotum

Add a Free Exotic Weapon Proficiency with a weapon of your choice at 1st
level, so long as that weapon appears on the preferred weapon list of a
Martial Discipline.

At 2nd Level, your study and training unlocks the first steps of the
Sublime Way to you. You gain the use, per day, of a number of Manuvers
equal the standard spells per day of a Standard Factotum plus your
intelligence modifier. The maximum level of manuver available to you is
done by adding one to the maximum spell level available to a Factotum of
the same level. So a 2nd level Factotum would have access only to level 1
Manuvers, while a 14th level Factotum would be allowed level 6 manuvers.

You may only select a particular manuver once for any given day. You may
ignore a number of preqresites for a manuver equal to your intelligence
modifier. Which means that if you wanted to take, for example, Emerald
Razor, you could do so without taking any other Diamond Mind Manuvers
assuming your intelligence modifer is at least a +1. YOu can, of course,
still take prereqisite manuvers and qualify for things you cannot. For
example, to take Disrupting Blow with an intelligence modifier of +1, you
could take Emerald Razor and then qualify.

Any other restrictions for taing a manuver, namely the alignment
restrictions of some Devoted Spirit Manuvers, still apply. A facotum's
initator level is equal to their Factotum level. This does allow a Factotum
to expand their knowledge of the Sublime way with the Martial Study and
Martial Stance feats, and they may use the same prerequisite ignoring rules
with them. However if they take a feat, and somehow lose intelligence or do
not take the correct manuvers to qualify, you lose the benefit of the feat until the situation is rectified.

A Factotum may take up to once Stance per day, as one of thier manuvers,
using the same qualifying rules outlined above. So a Factotum with an
intelligence modifier of +1, you could take the Absolute Steel Stance
without taking any other Iron Heart Manuvers for that day.

It costs the Factotum one inspiration point to utilize a manuver, even
though each manuver can only be used once per day. This does not affect
manuvers gained through feats, they are still recovered each encoutner, but
use the Factotum's level as the initiator level.

However, the study of the Sublime Way delays the factotum's ability to
channel the Divine. At 10th level, instead of gaining an additional use of
Opportunistic Piety, the Factotum gains the Cunning Manuver ability.

Cuning Manuver(Ex)- When a Martial Factotum uses one of their martial
manuver, they may spend extra inspiration points to gain one of two
By spending 4 points, they do not lose the use of the manuver for the rest
of the day.
By spending 3 points, they double the threat range of the weapon they are
wielding while using the manuver.


Divine Facototum

At 2nd level, the Divine Facotoum gains the ability to cast a limited
number of divine spells. These spells are chosen fromt he Cleric list and
gained in exactly the same way as a standard Factotum's arcane spells. A
Divine Factotum cannot cast Divine Spells with an alignment descriptor
opposite their own.

In addition, whenever a Divine Factotum gains an additional use of
Opportunistic Piety, they may instead gain a Free Divine Feat which they may use at the cost of two inspiration points or one use of Opportunistic piety per turning attempt required.

For example, a Divine Factotum may taek the feat "Glorious Weapons" for
free at 10th level, and fuel it's use with either two inspiration points or
one use of Opportunistic Piety.

A Divine Factotum make take Divine Feats normally and fuel them in the same


Wild Factotum

A Wild Facototum is more in tune with nature than their fellows. A Wild
Factotum is limited to the Druid's choices of Weapons and Armor, but only
loses their spell casting and Wilding abilities if they break the restriction.

At 2nd level the Wild Factotum learns to cast druid spells int he same
manner a Standard Factotum casts Arcane Spells.

A Wild Factotum does not gain access to Opportunistic Piety, but instead
gains the 'Wilding' ability.

A Wild Factotum's Connection with nature gives them a few very
extraordinary abilties. These abilities may at first be used 3+Wisdom
Modifer times per day. Whenever a Standard Factotum would gain a new use of Opportunistic Piety, a Wild Factotum gains a new use of Wilding. Each
ability below consists of one use of Wilding, regardless of the number of
inspiration points spent.

Shapeshift-A Wild Factotum may shapeshift, as per the PHB2 Druid variant,
into any form available to a druid of the same level for a number of rounds
per day equal to their Wisdom Modifer X Inspiration Spent to shift.

Wild Empathy- A Wild Factotum can attempt to use Wild Empathy as a Druid of the same level at the cost of one inspiration point.

Wild Power- A Wild Facotoum may power a Wild Feat they have taken at the
cost of One Inspiration point.


Invoking Factotum aka 'Locktotum'

A Locktotum, needs no formal study or particular devotion to wield magicl
powers. No, instead of utilizing Arcane Magic, Locktotums gain Invocations,
like those of a Warlock.

Unlike the usual Factotum abilities, a Locktotoum's Invocations are fixed
when chosen. However they may be entirely swapped out for other Invocations every 5th Level if so desired. Invocations are gained at the following rate-

Level Invocations Available
1 N/A
2 1 Least
3 1 Least
4 1 Least
5 2 Least
6 2 Least
7 2 Least, 1 Lesser
8 3 Least, 1 Lesser
9 3 Least, 1 Lesser
10 3 Least, 1 Lesser
11 3 Least, 2 Lesser
12 3 Least, 2 Lesser
13 3 Least, 2 Lesser
14 3 Least, 2 Lesser, 1 Greater
15 4 Least, 2 Lesser, 1 Greater
16 4 Least, 3 Lesser, 1 Greater
17 4 Least, 3 Lesser, 1 Greater
18 4 Least, 3 Lesser, 1 Greater
19 4 Least, 3 Lesser, 2 Greater
20 4 Least, 3 Lesser, 2 Greater

Like a warlock, a Locktotum may invoke an invokation at will, however each
use of an Invocation requires Inspiration at a rate of 1 for a least, 2 for
a lesser and 3 for a greater. Also, if the Locktotum takes one of the 24
hour self buffs, the inspiration spent to activate it cannot be regained
until it fades or is dismissed. So if a Locktotum invoked Fell Flight at
the beginning of a day, they would have 2 fewer inspiration points to spend
in all encounters while Fell Flight is active.

A Locktotum does not suffer a failure chance for their invocations in light
medium armor.


Variant Factotum Feats-

Psionic Inspiration (Inspiration, Psionic)-
Prereqs- Psionic Factotum
A Psionic Factotum may expend their Psionic Focus to gain a number of
Temporary Inspiration points equal to one-half their Wisdom bonus. These Inspiration points can only be used to fuel the Factotums Psionic Powers, and disappear at the end of the current encounter.

Improved Cunning Manuver (Inspiration)-
Prereqs- Martial Factotum, Cunning Manuver
Your mastery of the sublime way increases. You may now use each manuver you know for the day once per encounter at the normal inspiration point cost.

In addition, when you utilize Cunning Manuver, you may spend three
inspiration points to not expend the manuver for that encounter and
therefore use it again.

Inspired Devotion (Inspiration)-
Prereq- Divine Factotum, Opportunistic Piety, Must worship a deity
Rather than carry around trinkets of various Gods, a Divine Facotoum with
this feat has devoted themselves to a single Deity. As such, their
Opportunistic Piety may now only be used for Turning Attempts and not
healing, but they gain two additional uses of the ability per day. In
addition, the Factotum gains access to a single Domain belonging to their
Deity. The spells in the domain can be cast once per encounter at the cost
of three inspiration points. The Factotum is only able to cast spells from the domain up to the current level of spells they may cast normally.

It is encouraged that Divine Facotoums who do not choose a deity only be
allowed to choose appropriate domains. Good, Law, Time, Lust, for example
are good choices and a deityless Facotoum's domain should reflect their
alignment of personality. Domains like Scalykind, Animal, Plant, or the
Planar Domains, are not appropriate for this feat.

Inspired Invocation (Inspiration)
Prereq- Locktotum Level 6
The Locktotum may use their 24-hour ivocations without losing access to the
inspiration points used to activate them.


Mainly looking for thoughts on power level. The spellcasting ones should be perfectly fine, since they're essentially the same as the Arcane version but with different list and slightly different abilities.

I think the feats could probably use tweaking, they may make the Divine and Invoking variants too powerful. But then, if there's a full caster in the party it theoretically doesn't matter. But we don't play our games in theory, do we?

Azerian Kelimon
2008-03-20, 02:14 PM
The psionic feat is borkened, since a high Wisdom factotum is going to get double Nova chances. Imagine, something like 10 points in SA, renew the points, and down anything else. *Shudders*. I'd make it make you regain 1/2 your WIS in IP, or maybe 1/4 WIS.

Hunter Noventa
2008-03-20, 02:21 PM
The psionic feat is borkened, since a high Wisdom factotum is going to get double Nova chances. Imagine, something like 10 points in SA, renew the points, and down anything else. *Shudders*. I'd make it make you regain 1/2 your WIS in IP, or maybe 1/4 WIS.

I think you may have misread, it's only your Wisdom Bonus recovered. So we're talking like, 2 or 3 without high point buy and item buffs. And you still only have so many Power Points in a day, like, 80 or 90 with a buffed Int at level 20. Though maybe allowing it only once per hour or only a few times per day will make it better if you didn't misread.

Azerian Kelimon
2008-03-20, 02:25 PM
To clarify, here's a simple Factotum.

Get a Belt of magnificence.

Get a +4 tome, the +5 tome is reserved for INT.

Have 14 in WIS.

2 + 2 + 3 = 7 IP. This is with a low point buy, 14 points, and not going Hardcore. With that feat in existance, it's probably more profitable to munchkin WIS and put INT as a supplementary, y'know? Double nova is nice.

Hunter Noventa
2008-03-20, 02:28 PM
Ah, I see what you mean now, esepcially wit the sneak attack ability. I think I've got a compromise that will be edited in in a moment.

Azerian Kelimon
2008-03-20, 02:43 PM
'Tis pretty good now. I'd also limit the spells you can get from domains to up to the level 7 spells, because no one wants a Factotum to Time Stop or use Implosion, or etc.

Hunter Noventa
2008-03-20, 02:54 PM
'Tis pretty good now. I'd also limit the spells you can get from domains to up to the level 7 spells, because no one wants a Factotum to Time Stop or use Implosion, or etc.

A good point, I thought it would be self-evident since they only get up to that point anyway. I'll fix that.