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2008-03-21, 05:59 PM
So I managed to look through these two books, and it managed to give me an idea for a character...

... No, I'm not Going to be playing a leather-clad succubus wench or anything, I'm actually going to be playing a straight up interrogator type. (One working to bring people in to justice for St. Cuthbert, possibly!) In fact, he'll be a trip-and-disarm monkey who carries a large variety of whips. Two in particular being a "Good" whip, and an "Evil" whip. (Probably given cheesy names, like "Heaven and Hell", "Silk and Scourge", "Ebony and Ivory"...)

The Good whip will, at the very least, have the "Will sapping" and "Pleasureable" qualities from the BoEF... (Which is +4 total. Subdual damage, wisdom drain, and, umm, briefly incapacitating qualities.)- I still need something to fill in that last +1 slot.

The Evil whip will have the "Sadistic" quality, at least, and possibly the "dripping" quality. (+2 total, damage bonuses of acid and "pain" types)... And anything else that will make it as unpleasent as possible to get hit with it, even if it's not the most damaging thing. However, that's +3 wasted, so I need more stuff to put in there.

Any suggestions on further whip enhancements, or general feats and other things that would fit the character? (At the very least, he'll be putting full ranks into "Interrogation"...) He'll probably just be a straight-up fighter, as much as it pains me to play one. (Maybe a Justicar from the Warrior's handbook for the "Bring 'em in" part...)

And Yes, I cleared this with my DM already, before anyone asks...

2008-03-21, 06:06 PM
What about Merciful for the Good whip? Turns damage to nonlethal and adds 1d6 damage, but for a whip I guess it just adds the damage.

For the other one, maybe Axiomatic (+2d6 damage against Chaotic targets and overcomes DR/lawful)? That's a +2 enhancement, but I can't think of anything else for it.

2008-03-21, 06:09 PM
Whips are already nonlethal weapons.

2008-03-21, 06:10 PM
I forgot whips are already subdual... Merciful sounds good, however. I guess it's a +1, so replacing "pleasurable" with "Merciful" sounds better, so it'd be +3 total instead of +4.

Axiomatic/Holy for the "hell" whip also sounds appropriate, since it's meant to specifically punish the wicked and unlawful. I could just ditch the "dripping" quality to give it space, to make it +5 total. (While keeping sadistic- the extra suffering sounds in line for the item.)

2008-03-21, 06:12 PM
the evil whip could use the flaming quality for that nice 'satanic' feel...

2008-03-21, 08:09 PM
If you wanted a pair of whips that did lethal damage, there are a few in the MIC. Sand Lash is one.

Then you could further enchant them with whatever you want.

Azerian Kelimon
2008-03-21, 08:32 PM
And of course, a dagger whip does lethal damage.

Iku Rex
2008-03-21, 08:43 PM
You'll want levels in the Lasher PrC from Sword and Fist.

2008-03-21, 09:24 PM
Whatever you do, don't go for the Dominator class in the BoEF. The first level ability isn't TOO bad, especially RPing-wise, the rest is crap. One of my biggest dissapointments of that book.

Two suggestions:

1) Do your research. If you want to RP something like this, don't do it half-assed. I can't give you any links to sites that would aid you in this due to it being porn, on a PG site, but if you want it PM me.

2) I suggest a cleric, especially if you are going that route anyways RPing-wise. Church Inquisitor is a good PrC. One of the best character's I've had was a LE half-kyton cleric of hextor. He would've fit your concept well.