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J Do Baggins
2008-03-21, 09:26 PM
My players got bored with normal games sometime ago so i made up an EPIC WORLD. in this world you rolled stats with d 8's and keep all four dice on your highest roll. lol right. i also had them make up there ultimate classes with NO restrictions. and these are what they came up with.

For entertainment only!!!

The Brute is one who has put all regard for stealth guile and magic aside and will always be found charging through the door might weapons swinging, and when the dust settles allow the others to try to figure out what was going on befor the hurricane.

str 25
proficiency with all martial weapons
no levels of spellcaster or rouge, ect.
ability to rage
extended rage
have slain a giant with sheer muscle

1 --- brute force (When making str check use str mod x1.5)
2 --- ignore pain
3 --- troll strength (when useing two hands add 2x str mod instead of 1.5x)
4 --- DR 5 / slashing piercing ( brutes resistance to blunt force trama and non lethal)
5 --- 1 hand minimum( brute can use 2 handed in main hand)
6 --- Giant strength (when using 2 hands use str score instead of mod)
7 --- DR 10 / slash pierce SR 10
8 --- GIANT blooded - can wield weapons one size bigger prof.
9 --- Unlimited strength ( a number of times /day = str mod preform feat of great str)
10 --- Brutal 2 weapon fighting ( must have two weapon fighting, allows brute to wield a two handed weapon in each hand as if it were single handed weapon and accure normal penalties for TWF)

they stacked this ontop of a level 10 !!minitaur!! barbarian lol he was a BADASS

The Dimensional Rouge

The DimRouge can instantly move to any place it can see as an instant action an unlimited times / day but no more then 2 times per move action ( yes like nightcrawler) up to max move distance other then that treat as a normal rouge.

We also had a Cleric of all UnHoliness who could banish anyone lower level then him but preferred to paralize and torture to extract there pain and was a 1/2 fiend ... i know its all way to much... but was fun ( even though normally not clerics i allowed for this epic game) he was an illithi.d

and a pyromaniac ( like a pyromancer [ level 20 sorc with energy substitute{fire}]but with no regard for... lets say... safe practices) All Maximized and Widened Extended Profane fire spells and an array of firey arms and other things. oh and her race was a shakashara

Well the brute was the important part of this post but i had to explain his reason for being.