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2008-03-23, 01:09 PM
I'm in the middle of a monk remake that takes a lot from the ideas in ToB without actualy using any schools from said book. Instead, I'm attempting to make 7 new schools unique to monks and theor closest relatives. At level one, all monks (now known simply as martial artists) autmatically have access to the general list of maneuvers. The point of this school is that it is the shared basic principles of the different philosophies of martial study, and thus, serves as the foundation upon which all other training is built upon. Seeing as how the trend in fantsy is for different schools to clash, it would only make sense that a bonus school is granted at level 1 in order to reprisent the particular style in which they recived thier training. The pattern of additional schools granted begins at level 4, and continues for 8 every four levels thereafter (until level 20, when the character obtains personal perfection through martial harmony). I ask you, my fellow playgroung occupants, to please share with me your ideas for maneuvers, on balance, and anything else you'd like to add to the concept or advise me on. As posted in the wuxia monk thread, here are the wish lists and rough drafts I have come up with so far:

Here's the wishlist of maneuvers:

Disarm > Grabbing Items? (Unarmed strike counts as two-handed weapon) (Blitz)
Switch stance (Counter)
DR/- = class level (Stance)

Bull Rush (Strike)
Ignore Hardness (Boost)
Grapple (Blitz)
Overrun (Boost)
Charge (Strike)
Trip (Blitz)
9: x2/x3 Str Mod (Stance?)

Up the Walls (Research)
Provoke AoO (Blitz)
Expend an AoO to gain 100% evasion against a rolled attack. (Counter)
Missed attacks against you provoke AoO.
Miss %
Until the end of this turn, movements you make take the form of teleportation. (Boost)
Movement speed. (Stance)

Remove all Poisons in self (Boost)
Remove all Diseases in self (Boost)
Poison Transferal: give, take, or share (Strike)
Disease Transferal: give, take, or share (Strike)
Increase DC of save against Poison used against you to carry without effect (Counter)
Increase DC of save against Disease used against you to carry without effect (Counter)
Acid damage to those who strike you with nonreach melee attacks. (Stance)
With an unarmed attack, you may grant Fast Healing equal to your Con modifier for a number of rounds equal to the Maneuver lvl (Strike)

Aid Another > Flat Footed
Critical Hit
Death Attack (Strike)
Silence > Drowning (Blitz)
Sudden Strike (Blitz)

Difficult Terrain (Stance)
False Lead (Blitz)
Ignore Miss%
Blind Sight
True Sight

Shaken > Frightened > Panic > Cower
Ki Blast: PHBII feat
Attack > Prone (Blitz)
Prone > Attack (Blitz)
Extra benefits while prone (Stance)
Extra benefits vs prone creatures (theme)

Ability Decrease > Ability Damage
Dazed > Confusion
Dazzled > Blind
Sickened > Nauseated
Fatigued > Exhausted
Walk on Water (Stance)

-and here are a few rough drafts:

1: While in this stance, your base land speed increases by 10 feet for every 3 monk levels you have. (Stance)

1: Maverick Rampage: Your attacks subtract your Strength modifier from the Hardness of objects you attempt to sunder, until the end of your turn. Objects you sunder while this boost in effect are treated as downed creatures for the purpose of effects such as the Cleave feat. (Boost) (Think, literally, a bull in a china shop. For such was the inspiration of the boost AND it's name.)

2: Stunning Blow (Ex): On a successful hit, target creature makes a Fort save (DC = 10 + class level + 1/2 non-monk levels + Str mod) or be stunned for 1 round. (Blitz) (Stunning Fist, only names so that it makes sense to stun with a kick.)

4: Stunning Blow, Improved (Ex): On a successful hit, target creature and all creatures adjacent to the target creature (you are immune to this effect) make a Fort save (DC = 10 + class level + Ĺ non-monk levels + Str mod) or be stunned for 1 round. (Blitz) (Essentially the advanced Stunning Fist feat from Sandstorm. I think it was called Fist of the Pharoh or some tripe.)

1: Kinetic Transfer (Ex): Fall damage negated by 1d6/rank in Jump. You make a free attack roll against the surface or creature landed on. Target takes attack damage + unmodified fall damage and (if a creature) makes a Fort save (DC = 10 + class level + 1/2 non-monk levels + Dex mod) or is knocked prone. (Stance) (Rough concept) (Based upon the idea of freerunning as one of the themes for the Dex Dex school. Also, the idea of monks jumping off of an airship en masse as part of a "bombing run" amused the heck out of me.)

1: False Lead (Ex): Regardless of whether or not you hit, target creature makes a Spot check opposed by a special Slight of Hand (that uses Int instead of Dex as itís modifying attribute) or takes a penalty in their Dex modifier equal to your Int modifier until the end of this turn. If this penalty reduces the targetís Dex modifier to 0 or lower, it is treated as flat-footed until the end of this turn. (Blitz) (Where the Str school is about using brute force to deal damage, the Int school takes a sudden strike approach. This Blitz is the core of that philosophy.)

4: Fatal Onset (Ex): Make a single attack as a standard action that, if successful, makes target creature denied their Dex bonus to AC roll a Fort save (10 + class level + 1/2 non-monk levels + Int mod) or die. Creatures immune to critical attacks are immune to this effect. (Strike) (A sudden strike themed Death Attack as a standard action against foes caught with their guard down.)

7: Blindside (Ex): As a standard action, make a single attack against target creature that is flanked or denied it's Dex bonus to AC. If this attack is successful, the target creature makes a Fort save (DC = 10 + class level + 1/2 non-monk levels + Int mod) or take bonus subdual damage equal to it's current hit points and be rendered unconscious. Creatures immune to critical attacks are immune to this effected. (Strike) (A sneak attack themed version of the Overwhlem spell. It's that Hollywood thing where a person slinks up on another and knocks them out cold with a hard object to the noggin.)

?: Deathís Passing (Ex): Your melee attacks count as coup de grace attempts, that do not provoke attacks of opportunity, on helpless creatures until the end of your turn. (Boost) (I figured, what the hell? It's a neat idea.)

7: ? (Su)?: While in this stance you gain the effects of True Seeing (as the spell) with a range of 5 feet x your Wis modifier. (Stance) (Yeah... I think this idea was birthed months ago after being subjected to a Naruto marathon.)

9: Brush with the Void: Make a touch attack as a standard action. If this attack is successful, target makes a Will save (DC = 10 + class level + Wis) or is placed under the effect of an anti-magic field, with a range of personal, for a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier. (Strike) (The pride and joy of near epic monks, designed to lock casters down.)

5: Fierce Assault (Su): On a successful hit, target prone creature makes a Will save (10 + class level + 1/2 non-monk levels + Cha mod) or be shaken for (Cha mod) rounds. Creatures cower for the duration if they Panic under the effects of this maneuver. (Mind-Affecting) (Strike) (I got the idea in my head of those villians that savagely kick the hades out someone on the ground in order to cow them.

2008-03-23, 02:25 PM
First thing I notice is that your DC's are borken. Observe the DC 40 fort save stunning fist to all adjacent creatures. 1/2 class level + 1/4 other classes, or 1/2 character level. Possibly a bit more, but not much.

2008-03-23, 02:31 PM
Yeah... I HAD the saves at 1/2 monk level and 1/4 nonmonk level, but it was suggested that I changed it to how it is now. I'm glad somebody agrees with my take on them. I'll be sure to switch it back.