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2008-03-23, 05:14 PM
(I know it's long but it's an interesting read! Promise! lol)

I've been working on my own pantheon (still using the traditional D&D cosmology/multiverse) and would like either your feedback or correction for BaB and/or misscalculations of any kind you might see. Such as too many salient abilities and/or DC misscalculations (most of the DCs are Cha base, just for your information).

This is a god within my pantheon. It (the god) won't exactly be intended to be played against in an epic campaign. All my intermediate or higher ranked deities are primeavel and immortal beings meshed within the fabric of the cosmology and can't be killed (but can be banished to their homeplane).

I would just like any input on appearence/history/text. Anything you don't understand that I could clarify etc....

Spawn of the far mind, rage of the chaos wind, the seething deadmaster
Intermidiate Deity
Symbol: A Pattern of swirls with 3 scimitars.
HomePlane: Pandemonium
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio:Destruction, Chaos, Wind, Madness
Worshipers: Barbarians, Druids, evil air elementals and outsiders, undead touched by madness and madmen.
Cleric Alignments: CE, NE, CN
Domains: Air, Chaos, Death, Madness
Favored Weapon: Scimitar

(Yes I drew him and will end up probably drawing him more and posting it on this thread for attention and feedback. Bwahaha!)

Hanavwooshay resembles a gaunt androgenous humanoid with faintly male qualities. He has a seashell like pointed left ear, his right ear sheered off (some say out of self mutilation) with pale blue glowing skin and white incandescent hair, sometimes dripping blood from no discernable source. He wears very little but strands of dirty bloodied bandanas that constantly flow around his form and covers his whole face except for his crazed demented smile. It’s said that his eyes are a gate to the source of all madness and that he cannot see through them and relying on his divine senses to maneuver.

Hanavwooshay is the main patron deity of madmen (if they do end up worshiping anything) and a deity of wind and destruction. He dwells on the planes of Pandemonium, respected and worshiped by the Vaidoo (evil air subtype outsiders), evil air elementals and has powers over certain types of undead. This god’s psyche is completely unstable. He grants limited powers to the insane, barbarian worshipers and also evil Druids and Clerics that respect and use wind as a destructive force.
Hanavwooshay is an unpredictable god and depending on his present alignment, would as soon murder his own clergy as grant them boons of power. He does however have his moments of lucidity and when he does, it is to further the destructive and lethal powers of the wind and spread madness upon lucid beings.
Hanavwooshay delights in shows of slaughter, the destructive power of insane rage and wind upon anything living or standing structures. He is also the god of creatures who died in rage and continue to rage in undeath such as Allips, Banshees and Ragewinds, although he is a lesser deity of death in this reguard.

Other than the Vaidoo, worshippers of Hanavwooshay are solitary individuals, either Barbarians, Clerics or Druids that use wind or sonic energy as primary destructive forces or fall into murderous rages without provocation, delighting in destruction for it’s own sake.
Hanavwooshay’s temples or places of worships are usually tunnels in which wind never stops making whistling noises.
The Vaidoo race has an organised clergy towards the worship of Hanavwooshay but it’s highest clerics are by default insane individuals leading other clerics who are all verging on madness themselves, spreading their deities’ portfolio in their own disorganised and twisted way.

Barbarian 20/Cleric 20
Medium Outsider(chaotic evil, air subtype)
Divine Rank: 13
Hit dice: 20d8+210 (Outsider) plus 20d12+210 (Barb) plus 20d8+210 (Clr) (900 hp)
Initiative: +12
Speed: 60ft; fly 200ft (perfect)
AC: 47 (+12Dex, +10 deflection, +13 divine, +5 natural)
Attacks: Duelwielded +5 Keen Sonic Burst Scimitars +53/+53/,+47/+47/,+41/+41/,+35/+35 or spell. +47 melee touch, + 52 ranged touch.
Damage: +5 Keen Sonic Burst Scimitars (1d6+12 (main) 1d6+8 (off) plus 2d10 sonic energy on succesful critical hits) threat range 16-20
Face/Reach: 5ft/5ft/5ft
Special Attacks: domain powers, rebuke undead, salient divine abilities, spell-like abilities.
Special qualities: Divine immunities, (acid, cold and electricity resistance +20), immune to sonic energy, DR 45/+4, spontaneous casting of divine spells(inflict), understand, speak, and read all languages and speak direcly to beings within 10 miles, godly realm. teleport without error at will, planeshift at will, Blind-sight, uncanny dodge, Tireless Rage, Mighty Rage 6/day, SR 55, divine aura (1000ft, DC 25)
Saves: Fort+29 , Refl+34, Will+27
Abilities: Str 25, Dex 35, Con 24, Int 16, Wis 20, Cha 30
Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Knowledge(nature), Listen, Move Silently, Search, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Spot, Tumble (Note: Oh gods! Don't make me calculate this)
Feats(15): Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Flyby attack, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, Mobility, Spring Attack, Two-Wpn Fighting, Imp. Two-Wpn Fighting, Wpn Focus(Scimitar), Whirlwind attack,
Epic Feats: Chaotic Rage, Spectral Strike, Thundering Rage

The only thing predictable about Hanavwooshay is that he is unpredictable. Either he will take to the air and attack with his spell abilities or remain on the ground and engage with his ennemies at random in melee. Hanavwooshay will never remain on a tactic for very long and uses tactics that might even give an advantage to his foes. If he faces a particularly fierce foe he will lift his gaze and fall into a rage

Divine Immunities: ability damage, ability drain, banishment, binding, dimensional anchor, dismissal, death effects, energy drain, imprisonment, mind affecting effects, sleep, stunning, transmutation, trap the soul
Domain Powers:10/day turn or destroy earth creatures, or rebuke or comman air creatures.
Hanavwooshay can make a touch attack against a creature once per day. He rolls 20d6. If the total result exceeds the current HD of the creature touched. It dies and resurects as an undead spawn (See unique salient divine ability)
Salient Divine Abilities: Avatar, Alter Reality, Alter Size, Alter Form, Battlesense, Divine Air Mastery, Divine Rage, Divine Storm, Frightful presence, Know Death, Shapechange, Wave of Chaos, 3x Unique ability, described below.
Spell-Like ability: Hanavwooshay uses these ability as a 20th level caster (21 for chaos spells) 3/day. The save DCs are 25 + spell level. Chaos Hammer, Cloak of Chaos, Control Winds, Destruction, Dispel Law, Elemental swarm, Finger of Death, Gaseous form, Gust of wind, Haste, Hideous Laughter, Insanity, Power word death, Shatter, Shout(Greater) Sound Burst, Storm of Vengeance, Unhallow, Unseen Servant, Ventriloquism, Wail of the Banshee, Whirlwind, Wind wall,Word of Chaos.
Cleric Spells/day : 6/8/8/7/7/6/5/5/5/5 base DC= 15 + spell level.
Bizarro Gaze (unique salient divine ability): 1/year Hannavwooshay can lift it’s bandages and gaze upon the world for a day. Any being capable of sight, living, undead or otherwise must make a save (Fortitude DC 30) every time they meet his gaze (a creature does not become immune to it once the save is passed). If the creature fails, it is automatically banished into the Far realm for 100 years. The subject is exposed as normal to the effects of this plane with no means to return until the elapsed time (ignore flowing time traits of plane).Only a deity with any number of ranks may intervenes (usually be performing a Wish, Miracle or casting a Gate spell). This ability has no effect on any beings with Divine ranks or that cannot effectively see.
Wind immunity (unique salient divine ability): Hanavwooshay can maneuver and fly perfectly within any kind of wind of any force created by spells, spell-like abilities, extraordinary abilities and/or supernatural abilities.
Undead spawn (unique salient divine ability): Any living creature (except Outsiders and Elementals) with less than 40HD killed by Hanavwooshay raises within 1d4 rounds of their death as a specific undead, based on the victim’s HD.
5-12HD become Allips
12-20HD become ‘Chaotic Evil’ Deathknights (MMII)
20-30 HD become Banshees (MMII)
creatures of 30 to 40 HD become Ragewinds.(MMII)
These undead attack anything around them at random. Hannavwooshay receives a +4 bonus to Rebuke/Command undead created in this manner. Creatures that are killed this way cannot be raised, even with a Miracle or Wish spell unless the undead they became is slain or destroyed.

Hanavwooshay can hear, touch and smell at a distance of 10 miles, has blindsight at a distance of 10 miles and can detect invisible and ethereal creatures within 1000ft. Sonic effects do not hinder Hanavwooshay’s ability to hear. As a standard action Hanavwooshay can sense any creatures (living or undead) touched by Madness on any plane, can perceive anything within 10 miles of his worshipers, holy sites, objects, or any location where one of his titels or name was spoken in the last hour. He can block the sensing powers of deities of his rank or lower at one location for up to 10 hours.
Portfolio Sense: Hanavwooshay can sense anything that affects the welfare of mad creatures and undead and wind, so long at the event in question affects at least 200 maddened creatures and 6 storms of at least hurricane strength (75-174 mph)

Hannavwooshay’s avatar appears as a bigger than life Colossal+ air elemental with a slightly humanoid form usually found on the plane of air or pandemonium. It will occasionally and randomly visite other planes, creating large freak storms with it’s passing where normally there shouldn’t be any. It is usually accompanied by 6 large Breathdrinkers (MMII) or Huge air elementals and/or a dozen will’o’the wisps.

Avatar of Hannavwooshay
As a Primal air elemental(EpicLH) except: divine rank 5; Salient Divine abilities: Alter size, Divine Air Mastery, Energy burst(sonic), Sunder and Disjoint, Wave of Chaos, Spell-like abilities: Caster level 15th( 16 for Chaos spells), saving throw 15+ spell level.

Hanavwooshay is a spawn of Niyux alongside; Graxx, Ydra, Vorashk and Vookun. One of the strongest of his spawns, he manifests the connection between Niyux and the Far realm within the planes and is the source of the howling winds of pandemonium. At the dawn of creation he appeared to counterbalance Memorian’s manifestation Ani: The life breather. As all of Niyux spawn however, he will never reach the level of divine powers as a greater deity. It is this (amongst other things) that fuels his great rage. Every so often Hanavwooshay will control his madness when dealing with other beings. His tentative ally Vorashk: the raving beast(lesser deity) once assaulted Maoombrashe's: (the smiling fey) realm eons ago. During this time Hanavwooshay forced himself upon the fey deity and from their union spawned the Alienaï and Vaidoo lesser gods and the race itself.
Both Vorashk and Hanavwooshay where eventually banished for millenia by the efforts of Sencio: The light skinned(greater deity) , Maoombrashe and Gwib (lesser deity) in a long deitific war. This unbalance the cosmologic powers of the planes for some time until Memorian: The all seer set into place the deitific rules of influence and power within the cosmology that are now in place as of this day.
Niyux:the dark maw, has been able to break the hold of this decree upon his own spawn every so often (spaced millenia apart). Hanavwooshay is seemingly the deity that receives the most attention from the Uber deity and his deitific shackles have been loosened countless times after the so called war of decree. Although The seething dreadmaster has never achieved the sort of chaos he had with the help of Vorashk eons ago, he is still obsessed with the fey god Maoombrashe towards which he is (in his own twisted way) enamored. The other spawns Graxx and Ydra are viewed as great ennemies of his (in part because of the favoritism Niyux seemingly dots him) but they have never met on cosmological terms and (hopefully) never will. Vookun is viewed and views Hanavwooshay with indifference.

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I like the look of 'em, but I just can't take him seriously with the 'woo' in his name. That may very well just be me, though :smallwink:

2008-03-23, 05:29 PM
I thought it sounded 'air-subtypish' lol.

btw I haven't given any Spell-like abilities to the avatar... and I didn't know what to put there. Ideas appreciated :smallwink:

Here's the pantheon/cosmology which he is part of (sucky drawing lol):

(Abyss(top) and Shadow transition plane(bottom) where cut off during scanning. Sorry)


Memorian and Niyux are primal forces of the multiverse and 'compose' the cosmology itself. The snake you see chasing the eye that is manifesting the multiverse is Niyux. The eye is Memorian.
Memorian effectively imbues and represents all things as 'are' or can be seen and understood.
Niyux represents and imbues all destruction an 'unthings', concepts and places that cannot be seen or understood. Creation and Destruction respectively.

They both have lesser deities that are in fact their own avatars within the pantheon (Reuvin and Vookun) but this is an unknown fact even from the other gods. Their own avatars aren't aware of this (enforce amnesia). They themselves need not influence the multiverse, they do simply by existing.

Of interest:
There are no greater gods of evil, Niyux's influence upon the word being slighty more present than Memorian to counter balance this.

Note on 'The words of power'
The words of creation and the Dark speech are considered Memorian and Niyux's only form of communication (respectively). As in the source books 'Exalted deeds' and 'Vile darkness' only deities and particularly powerful outsiders and beings can learn and hear their words without succumbing to their powerful effects.

Creation, Earth, Knowledge, Magic, Protection
Uber, N, Quarterstaff
Matter and creation, remembering and preservation of things as they where, are and will be.
Fire, Nobility, Sun, Strength
Grtr, LN, Greataxe
The sun, light, warmth, power and rulership.
Artifice, Rune, Travel, Water
Grtr, N, Longbow
Time, wisdom, water, inventions and creations by intelligent beings.
Air, Luck, Plants, Weather
Grtr, CN, Whip
Living beings, primal life, the air, shifting weather.
Celestial, Glory, Good, Law
Grtr, LG, Mace
Archons, All that is good and holy, law and preservation.
Evil, Corruption, Diabolic, Greed
Inter, LE, FullBlade
Devils, temptation towards evil, covveting.
Air, Chaos, Death, Madness
Inter, CE, Scimitar
The Vaidoo, undead, Destruction by wind, Madmen.
Animal, Luck, Protection
Lesser, NG, Morning star
Bears, Cats, Horses, mother’s protection and blessings.
Animal, Community, Liberation
Lesser, N, Katar
Bats, Birds, Social bonds and freedom.
Animal, Beastial, Pain(VD), War
Lesser, NE, Halberd
Wolves, Boars, Weasels, wastful hunger, masochists, sadists and brutality
Chaos, Darkness, Death, Demonic, Destruction
Uber, CE, Bite
Primal Darkness, Chaos,Death and Destruction, Evil, Serpents, Demons and the undead.
Good, Justice, Scalykind, Wrath
Inter, LG, Claw
Good dragons, leonals, champions of good causes and justice, punishment for those that are wronged.
Corruption,Evil, Greed, Scalykind
Inter, CE, Claw
Evil dragons, succubi, stolen posessions, assassins, circumvention of law and morals.
Charm, Earth, Plant
Lesser, N, Scythe
Nature, the bounty of earth, fey creatures.
Corruption, Evil, Vile
Lesser, CE, Dagger
evil fey, blight and disease, lycanthropy.
Fey, Joy, Pleasure (ExD), Protection
Inter, CG, Shortsword
Eladrins, children, good fey, sexual pleasure, happiness.
Travel, Knowledge, Healing
Lesser, N, Quarterstaff
Travelers, learning and experiencing life.
Animal, Plant, Strength
Demigod, N, Sickle
druids, followers of nature, clerical leader of Vigel and Dakkan.

2008-03-23, 08:10 PM
I like the look of 'em, but I just can't take him seriously with the 'woo' in his name. That may very well just be me, though :smallwink:

Anawoshay. Sounds better or same difference?

2008-03-23, 10:51 PM
I drew a representation of the 'War of decree', due to it's possible perception as graphic content I won't post the image directly in the forums. The link for those who still wish to see it is http://s55.photobucket.com/albums/g129/Minooshka/?action=view&current=scan0001-5.jpg. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being full blast disgustoness, I'd say it's a mild 3 or 4... but I'm not taking chances of being banned. You guyzes where warned... really it's no worse than some pictures in certain sourcebooks *cough* Vile darkness *cough*.

Was there anything you where confused about or most interested in people? I'd like to know so that I can build up on people's opinions (even if it's negative).

2008-03-24, 11:04 PM
Anawoshay sounds much better. It was probably my 8-year old sense of humor with the "woo".

And, woah! I totally dig your cosmology. I like the pantheon, too. Have any more fluff on the gods? I'd like to steal a couple, if it's allright (I'm working on a pantheon, and it's not really my thing :/ )

2008-03-25, 07:46 PM
I'm kinda bummed that I haven't gotten any imput of any kind, either on this forum or on the official D&D forums about my pantheon or my home-brewed deity.....

Anything anyone?

2008-03-25, 08:12 PM
Sorry I can't help you more. I'm not really qualified to PEACH a deity.

I do really like the fluff though.

2008-03-25, 09:22 PM
A quick unfinnished sketch to help you help me



I decided to design him with these ideas: insects, abberations, weasels and a crab..

Still looking and thinking of titles for this deity. He/it is the main deity of Devils and the strongest of the spawn of Niyux.

He has 4 legs. Isn't designed to actually fly, but he has moth wings as part of his design (like a cape of some kind). He *will* have some kind of life/blood draining attack as part of his unique combat abilites.

I am still thinking up his concept. But would ask the community for any ideas they might have and would like to implement.

COME ONE COME ALL! Don't be scared to through an idea my way!