View Full Version : Wonderous Formulas

2008-03-23, 06:45 PM
Is there a price calculator for magical items out there? Or at least a simple formula? I took Craft Wondrous Item, but I don't want to stick with the example items listed.

2008-03-23, 07:04 PM
Yeah, It's in the DMG, I think.

There's a handy table online. Try this. (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/creatingMagicItems.htm#tableEstimatingMagicItemGol dPieceValues)

2008-03-23, 09:41 PM
Follow FlyMolo's link. But keep in mind, those are guidelines. Don't take them too seriously, or you end up with weirdness. Like the widget of continuous true strike for 8000 gp.

2008-03-23, 10:51 PM
The rule for pricing magic items not on the existing list is very simple:

You ask the DM, and if he says it's possible, then whatever he says is the price.

That's all there is to it. Now, the DM might consult those guidelines to determine the price. He might also consult chicken entrails. It's up to him.