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Kayoden Usoden
2008-03-25, 11:05 AM
I made this classs focusing on saving throws.

Feats: Lightning Reflexes, Iron Will, And Great Fortitude
Special: Must have be reduced to 9 Hp will out dieing

HD: d12
Skills: 2 (see fighter)

Last Man Standing
{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special


+3|Luck of the Draw 1/day




+5|Luck of the Draw 2/day

+5|Improved Evasion

+6|Improved Resilience

+6|Imrpoved Resolve

+7|Luck of the Draw 3/day[/table]

(Suvivor was taken)

Diehard: A LMS receives diehard for free at level, regardless if he/she makes the requirements. If he/she already has it, they pick another feat they qualify for.

Luck of the draw: Once per day the last man standing may re-roll a failed saving throw,
They must accept the second out come, even if it is worst. This may only be done once per round.

Resiliency: (see: Mettle, for Fort saves with secondary effects only)

Resolve: (as Resiliency, but for Will saves.)

(I will edit this as soon as I find TCW and coppy Mettle for refferance)
Nope still can't fide the dang book. d:P

2008-03-26, 02:11 PM
This is way too uber stat-wise; All Good Saves, BAB and d12 HD?!? You're like an uber Outsider or something 0.0

As how The Survivor prestige class works, I'd seriously kill BAB, since this class isn't focused on being good at fighting, it's surviving whatever, so half-BAB would work best. Also, the HD should be kicked back some, to maybe d8 or d6 level.

Finally, could you give me a good reason why I'd want to use this, as 10 levels of Immortality but nothing else seems to me like the making of boring. Sure you can survive whatever is thrown at you but you then have little to no way to fight back so they stop throwing whatever your matrix dodging. I'd knock it down to a 5 level build, since I don't see anyone going that long for all those abilities and the abilities by themselves w/o the current uber stats are frankly kinda weak.

Just my two coppers to rub together as you see fit. Good luck!

2008-03-26, 02:37 PM
The concept of a last man standing PrC is interesting, but this class is so far not very interesting itself.

As it stands now it's not really unbalanced. Full casters wont take it, they can get Die Hard as a feat if they really want it and they sure as heck aren't going to waste many levels on not casting. Skill focused characters aren't likely to take it unless they want to move their character in a different direction.
Barbarians would be giving up their Rage progression to take it. The only core class that I think would really benefit (a lot) form this class is a Fighter who already has all the Feats he needs.

Here's what I would do:

1. Reduce the BAB, this is necessary. Depending on the flavour you end up taking for this class either 3/4 or 1/2 could be appropriate.

2. Increase the skills. It needs to be able to do something and spells would not be appropriate.

3. Come up with some more flavour.

4. Come up with a couple extra idea for class features. You've got the main ones, but if you can come up with something interesting and active that would be great. As it stands the abilities are all passive except for the Luck of the Draw and even then the Character is not actually doing anything, just the player.
Perhaps something like turning effects back on your opponent. I'm not sure how you could make this work, but it's just an idea.
I think something about taking advantage of situations would fit this class well, perhaps some form of precision damage.

Just some thoughts fro now...