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2008-03-27, 05:12 PM
Hi! I've been having some issues scheduling my sessions. I have a new and very work-heavy schedule for our last trimester, and I kinda need to play freshmanitis catch-up (you know, that game you play to make up for your slacker mistakes as a freshman). However, my group is getting rather annoyed at the fact that we haven't even had a propper session in months, and I'm getting frustrated with my own inability to find an open time to work schedules in. I also have a girlfriend, so that adds another layer to my schedules. She takes priority over the blasted game anyday, but still...

Any suggestions on how to fix this viral full schedule without sacrificing grades & dates? Perhaps wait for summer break?

2008-03-27, 05:29 PM
Not-so-serious suggestion: Who needs school or a girlfriend? Just skip your obligations and play more games!

More serious suggestion: Have you tried doing a play-by-post game? There are a ton of sites where you could do them (here, for instance), or even places where you can create your own forums to play games (I believe some people I know have used conforums.com (http://www.conforums.com) before, but I don't know anything about it). Use either a forum roller like we have here, or Invisible Castle's roller so you can track rolls, and then have at it.

I'm basically in the same boat, but for a different reason - I'm finishing my last semester of undergrad studies, so I've got 3-4 terms papers to write in the next month. However, I find that, if you can manage it, a once-a-week gaming session is good for you - it'll take your mind off any work for a least a couple of hours, and that can't be all bad.

2008-03-27, 05:31 PM
Ah, scheduling conflicts. The eternal bane of D&D.

Personally, I would suggest trying to get maybe one more session together, and making it the finale. Trying to plan stuff during finals will leave you tearing your hair out. If you can and if you want to, pick it up again during summer break. But be aware that in a college setting, you are unlikely to get the same group during the summer as you do during the school year (what with people going home/on vacation during the summer).