View Full Version : Mage-Knight - probably a warlock ripoff

2008-03-28, 09:29 PM
I'm sorry this isn't very well organized, but while I like the class, I simply can't find the desire to work on it :smallfrown: It is also lacking fluff, but I'm really wondering about the mechanics. Is it workable?

The Mage-Knight(work in progress)

Base class

Full BAB
d8 HD
skills 4+Int mod - choose any 8 skills + craft
Saves: all good

Gain spell points as a bard. Uses Int for casting

Can use spell points on a blast of energy similar to the elderich blast used by warlocks. Normal limit on spell points per use apply

Learns 1 spell per level, max spell level = (MK lvl + 1) / 2. This spell must require an attack roll and be under your max spell level. Creating your own spells with your DM is encouraged if you cannot find a spell that you like.

Energy blast: does 1d6 damage of elemental type of your choice. cost: 1 SP. standard action. Ranged Touch attack (close = 25 ft + 5 ft / 2 lvls)

{table]force damage |2 SP |lvl 3
+1d6 |1 SP |lvl 2
+3d6 |2 SP |lvl 4
+5d6 |3 SP |lvl 10
+7d6 |5 SP |lvl 16
+9d6 |7 SP |lvl 19
Double |2.5 X - round up |lvl 7
Triple |3.5 X - round up |lvl 13
Cone (15 ft) |4 X |lvl 7
Radius (10 ft) |6 X |lvl 13
Radius (Zx5 ft) |Zx4 X |lvl 16[/table]

Level 8 - caster level for Energy blast in regards to SP limit is doubled.
Level 15 - caster level for Energy blast in regards to SP limit is tripled - replaces ^

Level 1 - armored caster (light armor and shields).