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Sir, you need to deploy the guard immediately. You know those adventurers you sent out two weeks ago? They activated a Magical portal to another plane of existence. Humans from that plane came through and angered the druid there by setting the forest on fire with the ancient Boomerang of Doom. The druid stopped them and took the Boormerang of Doom. Unfortunately the druid thought the humans were from our city, so he's raised a horde of carnivorous lemurs to overrun the city, and he's riding with them, Boomerang of Doom in hand. What the druid doesn't know is that the city is built on top of a magical seal that keeps an evil older than the Gods themselves locked away. If the Boomerang of Doom reaches gets within the seal at the center of the city, the evil is unleashed and will destroy the world. No, I'm not insane sir.
-Enki, Only Sane Man

There's a lot of weird stuff in the world. Most who run across it either embrace it, or go insane, or reject it entirely. However, sometimes those who fight weirdness doesn't give into it, nor does fully look away from it. They fight weirdness, on it's own terms. The learn it's subtleties, it ways, and how it acts (if not how it thinks). These are the Only Sane Men.

Only Sane Man
Perquisites: Bab: +5, Will save +3. Alingment: Any Non-chaotic. Special: Must have done one of the following: befriended a Lunatic or Weirder, travel to three or more different worlds (Eberron, Toril, Kyrnn, etc.) or survived an intensely Bizarre adventure (DM’s discretion)
{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+2|I Am Not Making This Up +1, You call that Crazy?, Break the Weirdness Censor.

+3|I Am Not Making This Up +2, Make Sense 1/day!

+3|I Am Not Making This Up +3, Tolerance for Weirdness.

+4|I Am Not Making This Up +4, Strange Specialization

+4|I Am Not Making This Up +5, Logic in Lunacy 3/day[/table]

I Am Not Making This Up: Experience cajoling merchants to ignore the crazy in the corner, keeping angry villagers from killing him when he stumbles into their village via inter-dimensional portal, convincing authority figures that there really is a hoard of wiener dogs heading for town bent on destruction, and other such efforts have paid off. Starting at first level, the Sane Man gains a competence bonus to Diplomacy checks equal to his Sane Man level.

You call that crazy?: The Sane Man has been exposed to lunacy, only to grow stronger against it. He gains a +4 bonus to saves against confusion, insanity and similar effects.

Break the Weirdness Censor: The Sane Man can show others what the heck is really going on. Once per day as a standard action, he can forcibly break an effect that is obscuring the perceptions of someone within five feet. He does this by speaking to the target and making a Wisdom Check. The DC of the check depends on the nature of the effect he’s trying to break.
Self Imposed: The target is forcing himself not to notice something at a subconscious level. DC 10.
Magical, ordinary.: The target perceptions are being fooled by a magical effect. DC is 10+spell level. (Most Illusions fall under this category, as do charms)
Nonmagical: Cunning psychological techniques have been used to deceive the target into not noticing something. DC 15.
Natural: A powerful magical effect tied to the location (or the plane itself) is obscuring the perceptions of the target. DC 22. (Look in D20 arcana and World of Darkness for examples of Natural effects)

If successful, the target (and the target alone) is freed from the effect. Once the effect is broken, he can never be deceived by it again. Magical effects can be recast, and nonmagical effects can be performed again a second time, but the target gains a +2 bonus on his save. Self-Imposed and Natural effects are seen through forever, whether the target likes it or not.

Make Sense!: At second level, once per day as an swift action the Sane Man can compel any creature to explain any situation they’re in, past event they experienced, or a plan they have formed clearly, accurately, and truthfully. This ability works even if the target is not normally coherent . (Ex: the target is insane) The save for this ability is 10+ Caretaker level+ Wis modifier. This ability is a mind-effecting, language dependent and supernatural ability.

Tolerance for Weirdness: The Sane Man has seen it all. Constant exposure to weirdness has given him an unnaturally cool head. The Sane man gains immunity to being shaken (he can still be frightened or panicked) and any morale penalties he takes are halved.

Strange Specialization The Sane Man specializes, choosing one of the abilities below:

Companion of the Crazy: The Sane Man has become good at getting lunatics to cooperate with him, and applies those lessons to a more normal world. He gains a +2 competence bonus to Bluff, Sense Motive, and Intimidate.

Weirdness Hunter Experience in fighting the strange stuff in the world has honed the Sane Man’s reaction time and tuned his senses to the bizarre. He gains Improved Initiative as a bonus feat (in order to kill whatever in the Nine hells jumped you this time) and is able to detect the presence of ‘weirdness’(Dm’s discretion) out to 60 feet. He can’t pinpoint the location of the weirdness, he just knows it’s nearby. This ability is always active.

Logic in Lunacy The Sane Man has reached the pinnacle of his art, and begins to see the patterns in chaos. Three times per day as an immediate action, the Sane Man gain a +5 insight bonus to attack rolls and AC against Chaotic or ‘weird’ (Dm’s discretion) opponents for one round. This is an extraordinary ability.

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ok some of us need to put down the TV Tropes for a while...later, I'm reading on alean sky and I don't want to be a hypocrite

nice Prc

2008-03-30, 06:44 AM
A nice logical companion to the Wierderer and the Lunatic... not sure about the Fluff of "Companion of the Weird" in an urban fantasy campaign, but it could work.

Random thought:
I wonder how Dirk Gently would fit into this stuff?

2008-03-30, 02:18 PM
I like it. I'm more a fan of insane characters, though it's likely a good foil to them.

"EEEEE Abbbity deee dee wee. I'm going to set loose that gigantic demonic flee."

"You sure that's a good idea?"

"Now that you mention it. It probably isn't. Thanks man."

"No problem. That's my job."

"Ububububu wooo? Achoo!" *dances in just the right way to open a portal to some horrible place*

"I should have stopped that, but I used up all of my ability to force sanity."

"HA! I was waiting for that! All goes according to plan!"

"... You planned to unleash unspeakable horrors into the world? Why?!"

"Dunno!" *dances for hell of it*

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WTF would happen if one of these met Tom Bombadil?

2008-03-30, 04:08 PM
WTF would happen if one of these met Tom Bombadil?

Their abilities would break, and they'd lose all their levels.

2008-03-30, 04:42 PM
I like it. With the full BAB and bonuses to social stats, this would actually synergize with a Paladin pretty well.

It would be better if "weirdness" had a more specific definition (portals, gates, Far Realms beings, time travelers, etc.), but I realize that that's hard to do and very campaign-dependent.

Now I have an idea for a Paladin of Haruhi Suzumiya... :smallbiggrin:

2008-03-30, 05:19 PM
WTF would happen if one of these met Tom Bombadil?

Tom just is happy-go-lucky and likes to sing last I checked... he isn't actually insane or too excessively weird IMHO...

2008-03-30, 09:19 PM
Logic in Lunacy should scale a little bit by being offered earlier in a weaker form as well. Perhaps at 3rd level, 1/day and an insight bonus equal to level.