View Full Version : D&D Renn Setting?

2008-03-31, 08:45 AM
I seem to remember a few years ago a D&D Renaissance setting bneing put out. Does any one know what it was called or if it indeed did come out? I know some very basic rules are in the Dungeon masters guide, this was something diffrent though. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

2008-03-31, 11:15 AM
way back in 2nd edition the was a book called "a mighty fortress" I remember it being 17th century kinda stuff ie 30 years war, English Civil War ect.

2008-03-31, 11:40 AM
There is a sourcebook called D20 Past if that sort of thing interests you. I believe it is a non-magical setting, and can be quite fun to play. Especially if you use it to replay major battles from history.

2008-03-31, 01:45 PM
D20 Past's for D20 Modern, though. Still, it's not a bad book at all. After all, it has power armoured Nazis.

2008-03-31, 01:47 PM
You may be thinking of Masque of the Red Death? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masque_of_the_Red_Death_%28Ravenloft%29) Though that's set rather later than the Renaissance, it was one of the first things to pop in my head after reading your thread title.