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2008-03-31, 01:43 PM
So if I take a 1 level dip into cleric and I am not required to select a diety...should I choose the Artifice domain or the Creation domain? I plan on going Artifice/Creation and Magic domains. Then I get to be treated as a divine and an arcane caster.


2008-03-31, 01:51 PM
Artifice. Creation gives you a bump to your CL on spells, not on infusions, so the utility is limited.

(EDIT: Though I am away from the books at the moment, I'm fairly sure that the CL bump won't assist you in crafting items.)

2008-03-31, 02:22 PM
Artifice is a +1 level and +4 on creation checks

Creations is a +2 level