View Full Version : Could Somone Explain To Me The Nightmare Court Of Ravenloft?

2008-03-31, 04:36 PM
By "explain to me", I don't mean tell me what it is, I mean explain it's members: what each one's backstory, what emotions they're drawn to, and what their ultimate goals are.

You see, one of the main villains for an upcoming campaign of mine is an escaped darklord, and of course, one just dosen't slip out of Ravenloft without it's masters' consent without repercussions, one of which is that the Nightmare Court have gained the ability to intrude into the dreams of the worlds outside of Ravenloft. Of course, I want them invading the PCs dreams, but I don't know which one is drawn to which kind of inner angst.

For the record, I know that the Nightmare Man is an all-purpose dream eater who attacks whatever dreams he thinks will give him the best inspiration for his art (I think), and that Rainbow Serpent is a former tribal spirit guide who seeks emotions of anger and resentment to better plan his ultimate goal of vengence against the Adder Nomads that forsook him (at least when he's not just messing with people), but other then that...Not a clue.

2008-04-01, 01:21 PM
Oh, come on! Surely somone on these boards is an RL fan!