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2008-04-01, 01:41 PM
So, I'm thinking about a Necromancy style character and I have a few questions/would like some advice. I'm sure there's some guide akin to Logic Ninja's Batman guide, the Druid Bible, or Solo's so-so sorcerer sheet (I'm sure it's great, I just wanted to use that alliteration) and while a link to that will certainly suffice, I wouldn't mind some people's opinions.

First of all: Class? Wizard vs Cleric seems to be the issue, because I've heard bad things about Dread Necromancer. If anyone knows what book the DN is in, I'd be happy to consider it.

Until then: Wizard's have all sorts of fun power, but their necromancing seems subpar by comparison. Wizards get animate dead as a 4th level spell and have to blow spell slots to control their stronger undead creations, although they do get a few undead controlling spells that clerics lack (command undead, control undead) and some other junk. A lot of both class's buff spells don't affect undead because they aren't affected by mind-influencing effects like Heroism (however, Haste does affect undead, and clerics don't have it.) Also wizards get spells that a better suited towards the uttercold frostball of funzies and whatnot.

An Evil Cleric gets Animate Dead as a 3rd level spell, full access to summon undead spells (so do wizards), and the ability to command/rebuke undead without using a spell slot to do so. They can heal their undead, heal themselves (either by being tomb-tainted or by preparing healing spells), wear armor, have better HD, and are generally more likely to survive the earlier levels. Also, clerics get access to domains (like undeath, evil, death, and whatever other ones are good for necromancy) which in some cases makes up for the loss of certain wizard spells. Also, Clerics get Desecrate, meaning they can control a fair bit more (and stronger) undead than their wizard brethren.

This is just the tip of the iceberg on my thoughts: What classes do you suggest? What domains are good for cleric necromancers? What are some of my better feat options? What spells are must-have? Assume I have access to most or all of the books, try to keep it out of dragon magazine stuff.

One more question, before I forget, how could a necromancer go about gaining control of undead that aren't part of the basic set of create undeads: What about a Wight?

2008-04-01, 01:44 PM
Actually, I think Dread Necromancer would probably work well for you. I think it's in Heroes of Horror. You can't be good, but then what necromancer is? (Although I've always wanted to play a necromancer who wants to be good, and who indeed acts good most of the time, but... well... the bodies have to come from somewhere... Sort of like the early studies in anatomy.)

2008-04-01, 01:48 PM
Apparently, anything killed by negative levels comes back as a wight. Use control undead or rebuke/command to take control.

Draconomicon rules for dragon zombies and skeletal dragons are good. (zombie dragons get fly, breath, SR, Frightful prescence) Given the descriptions of both templates say: created with animate dead and they have no level limit, if your DM allows it, you can have some seriously nasty undead. Desecrate, 4 times your level of undead created at once: 40HD CR 14Great Red Wyrm Dragon Zombie controlled by a 10HD cleric. Yowch!

2008-04-01, 01:50 PM
The guide (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=599129), as transcribed by the mighty K from the Necrotelinomicon.

Covers all a brother of the necromantic arts need know - how to create, control, and enhance the undead. The paths to power - the dread necromancer, the cleric, the wizard. How to play as an asset to a party, rather than a replacement.

My personal advice - become a Dread Necromancer, and make good use of spell stitching. Note that if you want to be a DN, there is a separate, more focused guide here (http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=759515).

2008-04-01, 01:54 PM

Anyway, I found that guide very useful when making my dread necromancer (which has never seen play but still).