View Full Version : what should i buy?

2008-04-01, 11:38 PM
Our Dm is starting us off 9kgp(+the starting gold for our class) to make up for a lack treasure early on.
We start off at level 2 and the group voted me cleric and i don't know what would be a good choice of items for a CoDzilla
I am allowed to spend all of it on a single item or many.
MIC, the completes, and core are allowed.

p.s i am using the onscreen keyboard at the moment hence the poor(er) quality.

2008-04-01, 11:54 PM
Handy Haversack (2000) and a wand of Cure Light Wounds so you don't end up wasting your slots on heal spells.

2008-04-01, 11:58 PM
they will be healing themselves they just didnt want me being a wizard and we have a "heal bot" with us.\

Yeah... our class was chosen by the person seated to our left.

2008-04-02, 01:49 AM
Healing belt or Wand of Fast Healing 1. Heward's Handy Haversack. Bag of Tricks preferably Rust or Tan even the Gray is okay.

A few dozen low level (Mostly first level utility scrolls at 25 gp market).

Pricey as far as wealth but Mithril Heavy Armor if tanking and movement in game is an issue unless your PC is a dwarf.

2008-04-02, 02:28 AM
For out of combat healing, a wand of lessor vigor is better than a wand of cure light.

2008-04-02, 05:44 AM
i will pass thehealing item suggestions on to my friend but anything else?
so far i'm eyeing the havr sack and the utility spels (any recommendations?)

2008-04-02, 06:54 AM
Endure Elements, Deathwatch, and the various Detect Alignment spells are nice to have in scroll form. They're handy to have, but I prefer not to waste a slot preparing them when you never know when you need them.

And fill that haversack with a whole lot of random mundane items. Marbles, caltrops, twine, rope, and anything else you can think of. They come in handy.

2008-04-02, 07:26 AM
Mithril Fullplate, then if you're trying to CoDzilla a twohander, if you're focusing on casting a mace and shield.

Wis boosters aren't all that nessecary at low levels if you concentrate on buffs and no-save stuff so save the gold for other stuff.

Also make sure you've got about a dozen holy symbols down your trousers and a seperate one nailed to all the important things you own otherwise someones gonna sunder it and leave you stumped.