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2008-04-06, 08:22 PM
Hey there Giant in the Playgrounders,
Just here to let you know that ImberCorvus.com our new gaming/roleplay portal has gone live.

I envision this website as a living, breathing community where gamers can come together in Forums to socialise and share gaming knowledge and experience with like-minded individuals. I see ImberCorvus.com becoming an online resource, for those who are new to gaming or those who seek to expand their knowledge of the game, by publishing Articles written by gamers with significant experience in particular aspects of gaming and roleplaying. I wish ImberCorvus.com to facilitate gamers who wish to find an offline gaming group in their local community, or to join with others in text-based online games by providing space in the Forums for these ends. ImberCorvus.com will seek to host artwork, literature, campaign settings, modules, podcasts, discussions and articles that are designed by and for the gaming community.

For more information view the rest of our mission statement at ImberCorvus.com

Thanks for reading,
The Stormcrow ImberCorvus